The government expects to carry out land reform by 2020

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman believes that the state should stimulate the development of agro-industrial complex, and intends to carry out land reform by 2020. He told this at a government meeting, reports

According to him, the budget for next year provides the priorities for land reform, particularly in agriculture.

“We are in the budget for 2017 is very clearly provided for our priorities, including agriculture. That is, we have a sector that can be very serious, solid potential for growth. Including agriculture, which also must be reformed,” – said Groisman.

He noted that the need to stimulate the development of agriculture, which will continue to develop the economy and create new jobs.

“We believe that by 2020 we should make you a quality land reform in the interests of Ukrainian citizens and our state. We need to stimulate the development of agriculture through various support programs. This year we will have with you and the support of livestock breeding and horticulture, and agricultural engineering. The things I say is associated with the development of economy, creation of value added in the country and new jobs”, – said the Prime Minister.

As reported, Volodymyr Groysman has outlined five main priorities of the government and presented a plan of development of Ukraine till 2020.