Ukraine pays for trying to stop Trump

Donald trump was not the only candidate whose election campaign received support from officials from countries belonging to the former Soviet bloc.

Officials of the Ukrainian government was trying to help Hillary Clinton and stop Trump, publicly questioning his fitness for the position. They also distributed documents indicating the involvement of a close adviser to trump corruption, and talked about the investigation of this case, turning of the rods after the election. They helped the Clinton supporters to look for incriminating information on trump and his advisers, the investigation showed Politico.

Ukrainian-American official, who worked as a consultant at the National democratic Committee, met with senior officials at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington to expose the connection between trump and the head of his campaign Paul Manafort (Paul Manafort) and Russia, according to the testimony of people directly familiar with the situation.

Ukraine’s actions affected the race, prompting the resignation of Manafort and increasing rhetoric about what trump’s campaign was closely associated with the Eastern enemy of Ukraine and Russia. However, they were much less centralized or organized than the alleged hacking hacking mail Democrats and their spread of stolen data.

Russia’s actions directed personally by President Vladimir Putin, participated in the service of the military and foreign intelligence, as representatives of U.S. intelligence. Reportedly, they reported last week, Trump on the probability of presence of the Russian special services compromising information on him. On attack the session of the Senate last week by Director of national intelligence James Clapper (James Clapper) said: “In my opinion, we’ve never dealt with such an aggressive and direct campaign intervention in the course of our elections, as we have seen in this case.”

Evidence of such actions directed by the top on Ukraine. Experienced observers believe that widespread corruption, factional violence and economic problems (not to mention the incessant hostility with Russia) would not allow Ukraine to implement ambitious covert campaign to interfere in elections in another country. The administration of the President of Petro Poroshenko insists that Ukraine should maintain neutrality during the election campaign.

However, the Politico investigation has found evidence of the intervention of the Ukrainian government in the race, which violates diplomatic Protocol that requires governments to refrain from interfering in elections in other countries.

Russia’s intervention has caused anger in government circles of America. American intelligence has taken the rare step of publishing his research on this subject, and President Barack Obama took a few steps to formally take revenge, while members of Congress continue to insist on further investigations of hacker attacks and maintaining a hard line in relations with Russia, which was considered Washington’s main foreign rival.

Ukraine, on the other hand, traditionally, boasted of a close relationship with the administration of American presidents. Its officials are concerned that this situation may change when trump, whose team privately expressed mixed feelings, from doubt to deep scepticism towards the regime Poroshenko, giving an unusually friendly assessment of Putin’s regime.

Poroshenko is trying hard to change this dynamic, having recently signed a contract for 50 thousand dollars per month with the Washington lobbying company, having good communication with the Republicans to organize meetings with officials of the U.S. government to “strengthen relations between Ukraine and the USA”.

Disclosure regarding the actions that were directed against trump, can further complicate these attempts.

“For Ukraine the situation is becoming more and more difficult,” says David A. Merkel (David A. Merkel), senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, who helped to redefine America’s relationship with Russia and Ukraine, working in the state Department, George Bush and the national security Council.

Merkel, speaking in the role of observer at the presidential elections in Ukraine in 1993, noted that there is a kind of irony in the opposing positions of Russia and Ukraine in the presidential race of 2016, given that the elections in Ukraine in the U.S. foreign policy community was seen as a proxy war between the US and Russia.

“Now the impression that elections in America can be seen as a surrogate battle between Kiev and Moscow,” — said Merkel.

* * *

Dislike of Ukraine to the team of trump (and agreed with the Clinton team) dates back to the end of 2014. It was then that the President of the country Victor Yanukovych adviser who was Manafort, sharply rejected associated with anti-corruption reform agreements with the European Union. Instead, Yanukovych signed an agreement worth several billion dollars with Russia, triggering protests across Ukraine, which forced the President to flee Russia under the guise of Putin.

Further, the situation escalated when Russian troops entered the territory belonged to Ukraine of the Crimea, and Manafort disappeared from radar.

The work of Manafort Yanukovych drew the attention of an experienced staff member Democrats Huts Alexandra (Alexandra Chalupa), who worked in the Clinton administration in the Service of the White house public relations. She then became a full-time employee, then consultant of the National democratic Committee. NIR 412 paid her thousands of dollars since 2004, to June 2016, as indicated in the files of the Federal election Commission, although it has received money from other clients during this period, including the campaigns of Democrats and NIR division, responsible for the attraction of adhering to democratic views of expats around the world.

The shack, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, preserving close ties with the Ukrainian-American Diaspora and the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, a lawyer by training, in 2014 free of charge perform work for another client interested in the Ukrainian crisis, and began to investigate the role of Manafort the growing power of Yanukovych, as well as its relationship with Pro-Russian oligarchs who financed the political party of Yanukovych.

In his January interview with the Shack told Politico that she has created a network of sources in Kiev and Washington, including investigative journalists, government officials and employees of private intelligence. If in his work as a consultant in the NIR in the last election cycle, she focused on the mobilization of ethnic communities (including the Ukrainian-American), then, according to her, when at the end of the 2015 campaign, trump began to gain momentum, a Cottage focused on research and extended them to relationships trump with Russia.

According to the Huts, she periodically shared their findings with officials from the NIR and Clinton campaigns. In January 2016 (for a few months before the start of any participation of Manafort in this election), — a Cottage, said a senior representative of the campaign trump that, “she felt, there was a connection with Russia.” “And what if she actually exists, we can expect the participation of Paul Manafort in these elections,” — said the Hut, which at that time also warned the leaders of the Ukrainian-American community that Manafort is “the political brain Putin needed to manipulate American foreign policy and elections.”


According to her, she shared her concerns with the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly and one of his closest advisers Oxana solar during a meeting in March 2016 at the Embassy of Ukraine. According to a source informed about the meeting, Chaly said that he is closely monitoring Monforton, but it is not too concerned about its relationship with trump, because he believed the victory of the candidacy of trump in the Republican party is unlikely, not to mention his victory in the presidential election. This view was quite common at the time and this is probably why relationships trump with Russia — as and when Manafort — have not attracted much attention.

The situation began to change only four days after the meeting Huts in the Embassy, when it was reported that trump really hired Manafort, which means that the Hut had valuable information. She quickly proved to be extremely popular. The next day after the announcement of the hiring of Manafort, according to familiar with the situation of the employee, she gave the staff the NIR data trump and their relations with Russia.

A former employee of the headquarters of the NIR described the exchange as “informal conversation”, noting that “”briefing” sounds too formal” and adding: “We did not direct her work and did not direct its actions.” However, a former member of staff of the national Palace of culture and familiar with the situation, the official agreed that, with the support of NDK a Cottage, asked the Embassy to try to arrange an interview in which Poroshenko could tell about the relationship of Manafort with Yanukovych.

If the Embassy refused, the officials “went to see” the Hut, in her own words, as it exchanged with them information and tips. “If I asked the question, they gave me the manual or a tip for a wanted man.” However, she stressed: “Any documents we exchanged”.

A cottage said that the Embassy also worked directly with the journalists who wrote the investigation about trump, Manafort and Russia, guiding them in the right direction. However, she added: “They were very patronizing and did not speak with the press, as is usually the case. In my opinion, they were very cautious, because they were in a situation where they had to be very careful not to take sides. This is a political issue, and they didn’t want to get involved in it politically because it could not”.

Solar angrily denied cooperation with journalists, and with the Hut for any issues related to trump or Monforton, explaining that they “beat the journalists with the request to comment on this topic, but our clear and firm position was to not comment on, [and] not to interfere in matters of election campaign.”

As solar and a Cottage said that the purpose of their first meeting was the organization of the Embassy reception in June to promote the Ukraine. As mentioned on the website of the Embassy, the event was devoted to the Ukrainian women politicians, it should have been his speech, Ukrainian MP Hanna Hopko, who spoke on “Ukraine’s Struggle against Russian aggression in the Donbas,” and a longtime confidante of Hillary Clinton Melanny Verveer (Melanne Verveer), who worked for Clinton at the state Department, who was playing her confidant during the presidential campaign.

Shuler said that her work with the Hut “was not associated with the campaign,” and emphasized that “We never tried to find and distribute compromising information about Donald trump and the Field Manaforce”.

However, Andriy Telizhenko, working under the guidance of solar Embassy official for political Affairs, said that she gave him instructions to help the Dump to find the relationship between the tramp, Manafort and Russia.

“Oksana said if I have any information, or I know other people who have it available, I must contact the Hut,” recalls Telizhenko, working is now a political consultant in Kiev. “They Alexandra Hut coordinated the investigation with team Hillary on the Floor of Manufactu”, — he told and added: “Oksana kept it a secret, but the Embassy worked very closely” with the Hut.

In fact, sources familiar with the case say that solar Telizhenko was invited to meet with the Hut in order to provide the latest information about the investigation against Manafort the American media.

Telizhenko remembered that the Shack told him and solar: “If we can get enough information on the Floor [Manafort] or trump’s relations with Russia, then in September she will be able to organize hearings in Congress.”

The dump confirmed that after about a week after the announcement of Manafort a job, she discussed the possibility of the investigation in Congress with the legal assistant in the office of a member of the house of representatives, Democrat from Ohio, Marcy Kaptur (Marcy Kaptur), who is the co-chair group of the Congress in support of Ukraine.

However, according to the Huts, “nothing happened.”

On the question of the attempt to discredit the assistant Kaptur of legal Affairs called it a “delicate subject” in an internal letter to colleagues, which accidentally got into the editors of Politico.

Kaptur’s office later sent an official statement explaining that the attorney supports the bill to establish an independent Commission to investigate “possible third-party intervention in our elections.” In the office added: “At the moment associated with this case the evidence points to Russia, but Congresswoman Kaptur concerned by any evidence of interference by foreign organizations in our elections.”

* * *

Almost as quickly as the Huts caught the attention of the Embassy of Ukraine and Democrats, she was at the center of unwanted attention from abroad.

Within a few weeks from the time of its first meeting in the Embassy with solar and Chaly 20 April Cottage received the first of as time has shown, a series of communications from administrators her personal email account at Yahoo, who warned her that her mail was trying to crack the”government hackers”.

She continued her campaign, participating a week after the first reports of hacking attack in the discussion of his investigations of Manafort with a group of Ukrainian journalists involved in the investigation gathered in the Library of Congress under the program, sponsored by the body of Congress called the leadership Center “Open world”.

Press Secretary of the Center Selden Maura (Maura Shelden) stressed that her group does not belong to any party and will ensure that “our delegation will hear the views of both Democrats and Republicans, to get information from both parties.” She said that in the coming days, the Ukrainian journalists met with officials of the Republicans in North Carolina and beyond. She also said that before the event at the Library of Congress “the head of the program “Open world” in Ukraine actually in contact with the Hut, to let it know that “Open world” is a non — partisan body of Congress.”

The hut, however, indicated in the email, which was subsequently stolen by hackers and published by WikiLeaks that the leadership Center “Open world” “including me in the program that I told it about the Field Manaforce”.

This email sent in early may, Luis Miranda (Luis Miranda), who was then as Director of public relations of the NIR, Hut noted that she was invited to a meeting at the Library of Congress experienced the Washington-based investigative journalist Michael Isikoff (Michael Isikoff). Two days before the event he published in the Yahoo News story, which said the deal to $ 26 million between Manafort and Russian oligarch associated with the telecommunications company in Ukraine. The cottage also wrote in the email that she “worked in the last few weeks,” Isikoff during the event “introduced him to the Ukrainians.”

Isikoff, accompanying the Hut to the reception at the Embassy of Ukraine immediately after the event at the Library of Congress, refused as-or to comment on it.

The hut was further noted stolen by hackers email NDK that she was still sensitive information about Manforce, which it was intended to share “offline” with Miranda and the Director of research work of the NIR Lauren Dillon (Lauren Dillon), including “important details about the trump, which Lauren you should know and that will be the center of attention in the next few weeks, and one more thing, I’m working on, and what you need to know.” Explaining that she was uncomfortable to share data by email, the Dump applies to email a screenshot of the warning from administrators Yahoo on the “government” hacker hacks her account, she said: “Since I took up detailed investigation in respect of Manafort, these messages started coming to my Yahoo account every day, despite the fact that I often change the password.”

Dillon and Miranda refused to give any comments.
The official NDK stressed that the Hut did not work researcher and consultant, whose task consisted in the relations with the political Department of the party. She started investigations against trump, Manafort and Russia on their own initiative, and the party did not include her findings in your reports on these topics, according to the official, stressing that the NIR collected a great volume of investigation in respect of trump and his ties with Russia long before
The hut was feeding the alarm.

Despite this, the hacked email of Huts are reported to have caused concern among key officials of the party, strengthening their conclusion that Russia was most likely behind cyberwealth with which the party had just started at that time to fight.

The hut left of the NIR after the democratic Convention in late July, devoting all his time to the investigation against Manafort, trump and Russia. She said she had provided “informal” information oriented “many journalists” working on materials related to Monforton and trump’s ties with Russia, despite what she described as “growing persecution”.

About six weeks after the Hut began to receive warnings about hacker break-ins someone broke into her car at the house in Northwest Washington, where she lives with her husband and three daughters, said she. They “turned it all, but didn’t take anything of value left money, sunglasses, Golf clubs worth $ 1200”, she said, explaining that she gave statements to the police after the incident, because it is not tied him with his investigation and hacking.

By this time, however, when exactly the same has been hacked two cars for their family, she was convinced that this related to Russia campaign of intimidation. The police report on the latest hacking noted that “both vehicles were tampered with by unknown, her salon was trashed, papers, and remotes for the garage was scattered with cars. From vehicle nothing stolen was not”.

Further, it tells the Hut, the next day in the night at 1:30 in the home of their family were trying to break a woman “with white flowers in her hair”. According to the Huts, Shuler told her that this mysterious incident took some of the features of campaigns of intimidation of foreigners in Russia.
“They did this with American diplomats, with the Ukrainians. It is their work style. They break into people’s homes. Oppress them. Arrange the whole view,” — said the Hut. “They must have seen my correspondence with the headquarters of NDK, where I wrote about who Manafort, collected articles, emphasized why it is important, outlines the big picture.”

In the story to Yahoo News, calls Isikoff Hut one of the 16 “ordinary people”, who “has determined the elections in 2016,” he writes that after the Hut left of the NPC, involved in the investigation of hacker attacks, FBI agents questioned her and examined the contents of her laptop and smartphone.

The hut told Politico in January that when her investigation into and role in the elections became widely known, she began to threaten with murder, she also continued to receive warnings about hacker attacks. But she says: “I was not scared”.

While third-party agents often act as intermediaries between governments and journalists, one of the most discreditable campaign of trump (and of course, Manafort) stories associated with Russia, leads directly to the Ukrainian government.

In the documents released by an independent Ukrainian government authority (presented to the public and one MP), were recorded cash payments in the amount of 12.7 million dollars allocated for Manafort from the Pro-Russian party of the ousted former President of Ukraine Yanukovych.

The newspaper the New York Times in the August issue in the story, revealing the details of the appearance of the books, reported that allocated to Manafort payments were the “center” of the investigation of Ukrainian officials, involved in combating corruption, however, several days later, CNN reported that the parallel investigation conducted by the FBI.

Clinton’s campaign seized on the story, developing the argument of the Democrats that the campaign trump is closely connected with Russia. Ledger was presented “an even greater number of worrying connections between the team of Donald trump and Pro-Kremlin figures in Ukraine”, — said in his statement, Robbie Mook (Mook Robby), Manager of the campaign, Clinton. He demanded that trump “has published information about relationships, Sex of Manafort and other participants of the election campaign and advisers from the Russian Kremlin or organizations, including those that any employees or advisers trump currently represent or from whom they receive money.

Former Ukrainian journalist involved in the investigation, Serhiy Leshchenko, who was elected in 2014 on the party list of Poroshenko, held a press conference to talk about books and to encourage the Ukrainian and U.S. law enforcement authorities to conduct a strict investigation against Manafort.

“According to my estimates, these payments are completely illegal, and proof of this are these books”, — Leshchenko said during a press conference which was covered by the international media. “If Mr. Manafort will deny any accusation, he has to be questioned in the case, and he will have to provide evidence that he did not participate in any illegal actions on the territory of Ukraine,” — said Leshchenko.

Manafort denied receiving any informal cash from the Party of regions Viktor Yanukovych said that in connection with the books had not contacted him, neither Ukrainian nor American investigators. Later he told Politico that “Caught in the cross fire.”

As indicated in a series of notes collected, according to some, for the opponents trump the former British intelligence agent, Yanukovych during a secret meeting with Putin the day after the publication in The Times admitted that gave permission to a “significant appreciation payments Manufactu”. However, as noted in the article that appeared on January 11 on BuzzFeed, Yanukovych is convinced Putin, “there were no documents that could clearly prove it.” This statement may cast doubt on the authenticity of the books.

A thorough investigation of these books (along with other stories about his work in the Ukraine) had presented too much evidence, and he left the campaign trump after less than a week after the publication of the article in The Times.

At that time, Leshchenko suggested that he acted partly from a desire to harm Trump “In my opinion, it was important to show not only the corruption aspect, but the fact that he is Pro-Russian candidate able to break the geopolitical balance in the world,” — said Leshchenko newspaper the Financial Times about two weeks after his press conference. In the newspaper it was noted that the nomination trump spurred “a political community of Kiev to do something they had never tried to interfere indirectly in American elections.” Later in the story quoted a woman who claimed that the majority of Ukrainian politicians “rooting for Hillary Clinton.”

By January, however, Leshchenko tried to edit his motivation, telling Politico: “I didn’t care who wins the American election. This decision was to accept the American voters.” He explained that his aim in the presentation of the books was “to raise these issues at the political level and to emphasize the importance of investigation.”

In a series of answers provided to Politico, press Secretary Poroshenko said that the actions of Leshchenko and on giving the books to the public, the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, were not associated with the administration of the President. The Agency was established in 2014 as a prerequisite for Ukraine’s receiving aid from the US and the EU, it signed an agreement to share investigative materials with the FBI in late June, that is, less than six weeks before the publication of the books.

Bureau “completely independently”, said press Secretary Poroshenko, adding that the presidential administration did not conduct “any subversive action against Manafort”. He also said: “as Sergey Leshchenko, he positions himself as a representative of the internal opposition in the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, despite the fact that belongs to this faction” and noted that “he personally insisted on [to the Bureau for the fight against corruption] continued the investigation in respect of Manafort”.

However, conducted extensive work in Ukraine official, including occupying the post of adviser to Poroshenko, said that in the highest degree unlikely that a woman or the anti-corruption Bureau was engaged in this business without receiving at least tacit approval from the Poroshenko and his closest allies.

“It was something about what Poroshenko probably knew that he could choose to stop,” said the official.

Almost immediately after the unexpected victory over trump, Clinton began to rise questions about the investigation of the books and about the books.
An official from the anti-corruption Bureau told the Ukrainian newspaper: “Mr. Manafort not is in this case no role.”

At the end of last month, the anti-corruption Bureau told Politico that the total investigation of the books still continues, but Manafort is not its purpose. “Because he is not a citizen of Ukraine, [anti-corruption Bureau] can’t lead the investigation against him personally”, — reads the statement of the anticorruption body.

Some critics Poroshenko went even further, believing that the Bureau refuses to investigate, because the books were falsified or even fabricated.

Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, a former Ukrainian diplomat, who served under Poroshenko as head of security, and now connected with the main opponent of the President, said that the suspicion suggests that “surfaced only one part of the “black” Ledger”. He asks: “Where’s the handwriting analysis?”, and said it “was crazy” to announce the investigation on the basis of the accounting books. In December Nalyvaychenko met in Washington with allies trump and said, “of Course, they believe that our [anti-corruption Bureau] intervened in the election campaign”.

In an interview this week Manafort, again appeared in the role of informal adviser to trump after Borov, suggested that the books were fake and called their publication “politically motivated trumped-up attack on me. I have publicly held the position of consultant. Informally, anything not paid for, but it sounded as if this was something suspicious.”

He added that especially it seemed to him unfounded attempt to label his work in Ukraine as having a Pro-Russian orientation, arguing that “all my efforts have been focused on how to help Ukraine to join Europe and move closer to the West”. He mentioned his work on the denuclearization of the country, on trade with the European Union and political agreement, which Yanukovych had neglected before to flee to Russia”. “I never participated in things that would be contrary to the interests of the United States,” said Manafort.

And yet Russia was in support of Manafort and trump in December when a spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry accused the Ukrainian government of using books as political weapons.

“Ukraine has seriously complicated the work of the election headquarters trump, spreading the word that the campaign Manager of trump by Paul Manafort allegedly received money from the Ukrainian oligarchs”, — said Maria Zakharova at a briefing with journalists, as published on the website of the Ministry of deciphering her statements. “You’ve all heard this wonderful story,” she told the assembled journalists.

* * *

If you leave out the attempts to prevent the Tramp, the Ukrainian officials did not try to establish relations with the Republican candidate during the election campaign.

Ambassador Chalyi wrote an article for The Hill, which chastised trump for a series of confusing statements in which the candidate of the Republican party at some time expressed its readiness to consider the recognition of the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Sources said that the article put the Embassy in an awkward position.

“It was quite on the edge, even for them,” — said the Hut. “It was extremely risky”.

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk warned on Facebook that trump “questioned the values of the free world”.


The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov on Twitter in July, has called trump “a clown” and said that trump is “an even greater danger to US than terrorism”. Avakov in the post in Facebook jumped on trump for his comments on Crimea, calling his statement a “diagnosis threat marginal”, as the screenshot that appeared in media coverage. Later Avakov this post was removed. He called trump’s “threat to Ukraine and the United States” and said that Manafort worked with Yanukovych, who “fled to Russia through the Crimea. Where Manafort will lead trump?”

The relationship between trump and Ukraine became even more intense in September, when it became known that the candidate of the Republican party have ignored Poroshenko on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations in new York, where the Ukrainian President tried to talk to both candidates, but achieved only a meeting with Clinton.

Telizhenko, a former employee of the Embassy, said that during the primaries Chaly, Ukraine’s Ambassador in Washington, in fact, instructed the Embassy not to contact with the staff of trump, while maintaining a relationship with his rival, Republican Ted Cruz.

“We had instructions not to communicate with team trump because he was negatively disposed towards Ukraine and its government and have expressed a critical stance on Crimea and the conflict in the Donbass”, — said Telizhenko. “I got yelled at when I offered to talk to trump,” he said, adding that “the Ambassador said not to interfere, because Hillary still win.”

This story confirms Nalyvaychenko, a former diplomat and head of the security Service, and now the opponent Poroshenko. “The Ukrainian authorities have closed all doors and Windows — from the Ukrainian side”, — he said. He also called this strategy “poor and shortsighted”.

Andrei Artemenko, Ukrainian MP from the conservative opposition party, met with the team of trump during the campaign and said that personally, Chalyi offered to organize such meetings, but the offer was rejected.

“It was clear that they supported the candidature of Hillary Clinton,” said Artemenko. “They did everything for the organization of meetings with team Clinton, publicly supporting it, criticizing trump…. I think they didn’t want to meet him because I was sure that Hillary will win.”

Solar rejects data that the Embassy received a ban on interaction with trump. She says “different diplomats were instructed to work with various teams to determine the content of meetings and messaging.

So there was no question about whether to refrain from contact, rather it was an internal regulation for diplomats not to interfere in the field activities, which involved another employee of the Embassy.”

She stressed that roan was at the Republican national Convention in Cleveland in late July and met with members of the foreign policy team trump, “to emphasize the importance of Ukraine and its support from the United States.”

Despite attempts at rapprochement, the team trump in Cleveland was excluded from the amendments to the program of the Republican party call Ukraine the “lethal defensive weapons” from the US, so she could defend itself against the Russian invasion, the supporters of this measure have failed.

Propaganda intensified only after the victory of trump. Shuler noted that Poroshenko was one of the first foreign leaders who called to congratulate trump. According to her, after election day Chaly met with close allies of trump, including Senator Jeff Sissom (Jeff Sessions) candidate trump for attorney General, and Bob Corker (Bob Corker), Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate. The Ambassador, accompanied by Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, also held a round of meetings in Washington with a member of the house of representatives Republican from Pennsylvania Tom Marino (Tom Marino), a longtime patron of trump, and Jim DeMint (Jim hassie cagey), President of the Heritage Foundation, which played a prominent role in the interim administration trump.

* * *

Many Ukrainian officials and their American allies are considering the inauguration of trump this month as an existential threat to the country. They recognize that the situation was exacerbated by the dissemination of data on the secret Ledger, negative messages in social networks and the understanding that the Embassy acted against trump, or at least refused to engage with him.

“This is very bad. The Poroshenko administration is now trying to establish contacts,” said Telizhenko, adding that “team trump won’t even speak with our administration.”

During the trip Nalyvaychenko in Washington last month, he faced ill-will towards the Ukraine by some politicians and lack of interest from others, he recalls. “Ukraine is not a primary or even secondary objective of the new administration,” he said.

Allies Poroshenko bend over backwards to understand how to build relationships with trump, who is known for ability long to keep a grudge.

The delegation of Ukrainian parliamentarians from the team Poroshenko last month went to Washington, partly to try to talk with the interim team of trump, but they were unable to arrange a meeting, as indicated familiar with the details of the trip official involved in foreign policy. Sources in Washington and Kyiv said that after the elections Poroshenko met in Kyiv with the heads of the Washington lobbying firm BGR — including ed Rogers (Ed Rogers) and Lester Munson (Lester Munson) is to figure out how to operate in a mode trump.

A few weeks later, BGR had reported to the U.S. Department of justice that the government of Ukraine will pay the company 50 thousand dollars a month to “provide strategic public relations and public servants”, including the company’s responsibilities will include “networking with government officials, NGOs, employees, media and others”.

Press Secretary Jeffrey Birnbaum (Birnbaum Jeffrey) suggested that “Pro-Putin oligarchs” are already trying to sow doubts about the cooperation of BGR and Poroshenko. Despite the fact that the company really have a close relationship with the leaders of the Republican party in Congress, some people from its leadership dismissive or highly critical remarks about trump during the primaries of the party, which could limit the effectiveness of lobbying of the new administration.

The relationship between Poroshenko and the tramp so tense that some associates of the Ukrainian President after the US elections “held out his hand” Half Manafort and even asked him for help, say sources familiar with the attempts of Ukraine to establish a relationship with trump.

Meanwhile, the opponents of Poroshenko trying to benefit from his strained relationship with team trump. Some of them put pressure, demanding to dismiss the Ambassador Valeriy Chaly, who is accused of supporting and even of the organization of the campaign against trump, as saying the Ukrainian and American politicians and officials interviewed in our story. The sources also reported that several potential opponents Poroshenko was in Washington after the election and sought a meeting with colleagues trump, however, their attempts have not crowned success.

“None of the Ukrainians did not have access to Trump, they are all desperately trying to get it and are willing to pay a lot of money,” — said the publication of an American political consultant, whose company recently held in Washington meeting with Yuriy Boyko, former Deputy Prime Minister under Yanukovych. Boyko, who, like Yanukovych, is Pro-Russian stance, he expects to compete for the presidency of Ukraine, and its representatives offered a “huge pile of money” to get access to Trump and get on his inauguration, says a consultant.

He declined the offer, explaining that “it seemed doubtful, and we don’t want to do this kind of thing.”