Roitburd hard “potrollit” Yanukovych

Famous Ukrainian artist Alexander Roitburd criticized the thinking and style of communication fluent ex-the President Victor Yanukovych. He told about it on air of TV channel NewsOne.

In his opinion, Yanukovych will not fill the words with meaning and thinks like a “normal thief”.

“Yanukovych could not imagine, he operated the instincts of self-survival, self-preservation, the grasp reflex, the instinct of the alpha male. Something he had. However, he filled the words with meaning. I noticed at the debates with Yushchenko, when he was trying to build some kind of logical structure, and Yanukovych, as a normal thief, then was pulled off the market, passing the arrow, then began to breed. In this sense he was a good talker. But this man, for whom it is not a consequence of thinking,” explained Roitburd.

Earlier the ex-President has already shown the manner of communicating, get nasty journalist during a press conference. Viktor Yanukovych quite sharply refused to answer the question of the journalist of the Ukrainian TV channel.