During the holidays the Ukrainians sold expired food and adulteration

Holidays in Ukraine traditionally grow the sale of substandard and expired products. On the wave of new year and Christmas hustle and bustle shopping is becoming easier to sell buyers a “stale” product, writes UBR.

How to tell the experts in the pre-holiday rush buyers less picky and careful when choosing products. So, often risk to buy a defective product. In addition, different holiday promotions pushing you to buy food at a discount.

“Now the majority of consumers because of low pay, first looking at the price, then the manufacturer and product quality. Falsifiziert and alcohol and coffee, and condensed milk. The premium sausages added glutamate, although the requirements of normative documents is prohibited. I think each segment has a substandard product which does not meet the composition stated on the packaging,” — said the Deputy Chairman of NGO “Public control consumer rights protection” Olga Kotikova.

In the segment of conservation to stumble upon the old stock is difficult. Need to be careful with confectionaries, Packed cheeses and sausages with the “store” labels.

Along with fake, the activity begins to sell and expired goods. And some stores and not averse to glue labels on pre-Packed product or tucked on a shelf of expired and fresh products.

But, for example, in the segment of conservation to stumble upon the old stock is difficult, because the expiry date embossed on the Bank and it’s big enough — three years. The same applies to other products with a long shelf life.

The only exception is wines, namely, young and sparkling. The latter, though rarely counterfeited (is not profitable), but “stale” bottle can be very different in taste and aroma.

“Alcohol can be stored for a long time, like canned food, so you can be quiet, unless, of course, not to buy it “under the counter” or via the Internet. Need to be careful with confectionaries, Packed cheeses and sausages with the “store” labels”, — said Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

As for discounts, they not always mean that the store wants to quickly get rid of the products shelf life which is about to end — this is often all has to do with the desire to earn more before the “dead” from the point of view of sales, Jan. For example, the “milk” he began 28-29 Dec in next 1-2 month it will buy very sluggish.

According to Cathaway, “overdue”, today, is not as relevant as fake. Consumers have already learned to look at the production date and shelf life. “Of course there are overdue items, which are very expensive, not demanded or accidentally overlooked, but this is rare. Supermarkets return to vendors goods shelf life has expired,” — said the expert.

As noted by Alexey Doroshenko, if buyer found defective goods are already in the majority of shops make concessions and agree to exchange a purchase. But many customers just do not dare to return a product due to laziness or unwillingness to quarrel with the distribution network.

However, the exact market size of “delay” and fake experts found it difficult to name such global studies are expensive.