Donald trump in an exclusive interview with the newspaper BILD: “I love power. I love the order”

First elected President of the United States openly and without looking back says that he thinks about Germany and Europe. Why he respects Angela Merkel, but believes her immigration policy is a failure. He wants to punish the German automakers, if they do not produce cars in the United States. Why he thinks NATO is outdated, and the cohesion of the EU leaves it indifferent, which, in his opinion, will continue to leave its members.

Together with the BILD newspaper, the Times posed questions to the man who will soon become the most influential in the world, about what to expect from him and what is to be feared.

BILD: MR. President-elect, Your grandfather came from Germany, Your mother is from Scotland. As You know, my colleague from the Times — Scottish, I am German. How are you going to build relations with our countries?

Donald trump: in a Similar way. We love both countries, it’s a great country, a great place. Very interesting as the UK denied (EU — approx. ed). As You know, I more or less predicted. I was at Turnberry, where I bought the Golf club. Now things are going incredibly well, and I’ll tell You what Your pound has lost in value, that’s great. Because the case now in many parts of the UK are incredibly good. I believe that “Brakcet” in the end, will result in a magnificent way.

— Do you think that will be quickly concluded trade agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom?

— Absolutely. Very quickly. I’m a big fan of the UK. And we will actively work to cope quickly and wisely — that it was good for both sides. I’ll see… If You want to see the letter where is it, she (Prime Minister Theresa may — approx. ed.) it just sent… She requested a meeting and we will meet right after I moved to the White house, and I think we’ll get it done fast.

— What, in Your opinion, were the causes of Breccia?

— People are not wanted in the country came other people and destroyed it, and You know, in my country we since my first day in office will focus on a very secure borders. It will be one of my first decrees that I signed on the first day — that is Monday, not Friday or Saturday because I don’t want to do this between all these festivities, the decree will be about strengthening our borders.

We don’t want to come to us the people of Syria that we don’t know who they are. We have no way to test these people. I don’t want to do so, as in Germany. While I have great respect for Angela Merkel, I have to say. I really respect her. But I think what happened is a big setback. You know I love Germany because my father is originally from Germany, and I don’t want to be in a similar situation. The way I see it, we have enough problems.

About Donald trump with absolute certainty we can say only one thing: Nothing is safe in front of him — there are No political rules, no diplomatic rules.

About the more stringent rules of entry and border security

— During the race You said that You want to keep the Muslims around the world, so they went to the United States. Are you still planning this?

— We are talking about Muslims from different parts of the world who have problems with terrorism. Will be a hard security check, will not like now. We have no real security checks at the entrance to our country, they are, in fact, do not exist, as was the case in Your country, at least in the past.

— Can appear restrictions on entry for Europeans who want to travel to the United States?

It can happen, but we will see. I mean, we’re talking about parts of Europe, parts of the world and parts of Europe, where we have problems, where they come and bring problems. I don’t want to have these problems. Look, I won the election, focusing on such topics as safe borders, trade and military fields. We will have a strong army.

About my German and British roots

— You mentioned that You have German ancestors. What You mean the fact that in Your veins flows German blood?

Yeah, that’s great. I am very proud of Germany, Germany is something very special. Bad dürkheim, right? This is a real Germany, isn’t it? No question, this is the real Germany. No, I’m very proud of Germany. I love Germany, I love the UK.

— Have you been in Germany?

— Yes, I was in Germany.

— When Obama came to Berlin with his last visit to his office, he said that he would if at the next election would vote for Angela Merkel. You too?

— First of all, I don’t know who her rivals. And I don’t know her, never met. As I said, I respect her very much. She has a feeling, they are great, great leader. But I think she made a catastrophic mistake when he let all those illegals into the country. You know, to let all these people regardless of where they are. And nobody knows where they are at all. You understand this, you already had about it a clear picture (after the terrorist attack in Berlin — approx. ed.). That is, I believe, she made a catastrophic mistake, very bad mistake. But despite this, I respect her, I like her, but I don’t know her. That is, I can’t say who I would support if I did someone would support.

© AP Photo, Markus SchreiberАгитационные posters of the CDU before the elections in the Berlin Parliament

— When You pay a visit to Britain as President?

I’ll be happy. My mother was very starchy, I think I have this because my father was very mundane and simple. My mother loved her, she loved everything — she was so proud of the Queen. She loved court ceremonial and the beauty, one is not able, like the English. She had great respect for the Queen, loved her. Every time the Queen was on TV, my mother watched it. Crazy, isn’t it?

— Is there something else you inherited from Your mother Scottish?

— The Scots are known for their custom is to closely follow small money, I also follow the change. But the fact that I work in a large trifle, this is a problem.

In You there is something typically German?

— I like order. I love when things are executed properly. This is known to the Germans. But I also — I also like order and love power.

Of refugees and the errors of the Chancellor

During the race You said that the policy of Angela Merkel towards refugees from Syria — “insane”. You still think so?

— I believe that it was not good. I think it was a big mistake for Germany. Is Germany, while Germany has been (referring to earlier — approx. ed.) some of the most stringent rules for entry into the country in the world. I’ll meet her. I respect her, I like her. But I think it was a mistake. People make mistakes, but I think it was a very big mistake.

I think we need to enter the security zone in Syria, it would be much cheaper. And the Gulf countries had to pay for it, in the end, they have money like no one else. All together it would be much cheaper than the trauma now facing Germany. I’d say create a security zone in Syria.

View, the whole story was never supposed to happen. On Iraq it was impossible to attack, right? It was one of the worst decisions probably the worst decision ever made in the history of our country. We then something is unleashed — it was like throwing stones at a beehive. Now this is one of the biggest problems of all time… I now something looked… Oh, I show You not because it is a secret… But I looked on the Taliban. If you look at the Taliban — is a completely different paint, and every year it becomes more and more, more, more. And then they say — what happens there?

— Who do You blame? Obama, Pakistan? Who do you think is responsible?

In Afghanistan the situation is bad. Nothing is going well. I think we’re almost 17 years was in Afghanistan. But if you look at all of these areas, in all honesty, we do not give the people what is their goal. We have a great army, we will have even more magnificent army, even if it is thinned.

We will have a great army, but we didn’t let our army to win. Boeing and Lockheed Martin, as You know, are the largest supplier in our country, we have the F-35 program, which significantly exceeded the planned costs, and now is delayed. Hundreds of billions of dollars more than planned expenditure and seven years more than planned. And it needs to be improved.

About the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia organization)

— What is the priority in the military sphere for You, as commander of the armed forces?

— LIH.

— How will You act against ISIS?

I’m not sure, I don’t want to be like Obama or others. I respect always talk about Mosul, Mosul was a disaster, awful. They said four months ago that we’ll take Mosul. I said, “Why do You say so?” It’s like Your question — What will You do in the beginning? When You begin the assault? When and how will You do it? What weapons will you use? What time?

— Do you think that Obama called his shot via the Telegram?

— Mosul was a disaster, because we are five months ago stated that we are five months will go to Mosul. Four months ago, we said, “We are ready”, and then when we walked in, to the moment too much already talked about this. So it was difficult to take the city.

— Do you think the intervention of Vladimir Putin in Syria is good or bad?

— No, it’s a very bad business, very bad. We had a chance to do something when we conducted this red line, which, however, did not work — nothing happened. It was a unique opportunity, and now somehow… very late. Too late, now it’s over. Someday everything ends, but Aleppo was monstrous. When you see how they shoot old women, who leave the city. They can’t go and shoot them. It seems like they shoot just for fun is a horrible, horrible position. Aleppo is in such a terrible humanitarian situation.

© AP Photo, Hassan Ammadam from explosions on Aleppo, Syria. On December 5, 2016

“NATO is outdated”

— Against Russia: You know that Angela Merkel is familiar with Mr Putin. He is fluent in German, she is Russian. Who do You trust — Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin?

— While I trust both but we’ll see how long that lasts. Perhaps not for long.

— You can understand that the people of Eastern Europe are afraid of Putin and Russia?

— Of course. I mean, I know it. I mean, I understand what is happening there, I’ve been saying — NATO has problems. It is out of date because, as You know, was created many, many years ago. Second, countries are not paying what they should pay. I was under a lot of pressure when he said that NATO is obsolete.

But it is outdated, because I didn’t pay attention to terrorism. The pressure on me lasted two days, and then they began to say that trump is right. And now it was on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, they have a Department that deals exclusively with the topic of terrorism. That’s good. Another thing is that countries do not pay honestly the part that needs to pay. That is, we must defend these countries, but many of them do not pay what have to pay. It is very unfair to the United States. But despite this, I think NATO is very important.

— Britain pays?

— Britain pays. There are five countries that are paying what they should pay. Their little… from 22 (meaning of 28 countries-members of NATO — approx. ed.).

— Europe in relation to its security for decades, depends on America. This warranty will exist in the future?

— Yes, I feel strongly associated with Europe — are very much related, Yes.

— You support the European sanctions against Russia?

— I believe that people should get along with each other and do what they need to do to be honest. Okay? You have imposed sanctions against Russia — let’s see if we can make some good deals with Russia. On the one hand, I think that should be a lot less nuclear weapons and its need to significantly reduce, it belongs here too. But there are these sanctions, and Russia currently suffers greatly from them. But I think that may be something which will benefit many people.

About relations with Israel

— You will break a nuclear agreement with Iran?

— I won’t say what I’ll do with a nuclear agreement with Iran. I don’t want to open the card. Look, I’m not a politician, I don’t go out and say, “I’ll do this and this…”. Should I do what should do. Who plays cards so that shows everyone what is in his hands, before making the move?

But I am unhappy with Iran’s agreement, I think this is one of the worst agreements ever were made. This is one of the stupid agreements that I have ever seen, one of the silliest in terms of the meaning of the transaction — when you return to the country 150 billion dollars, when you give her 1.7 billion in cash… You ever seen one million dollars in hundred dollar bills? That’s a lot. It’s a whole… It’s really a lot.

And 1.7 billion in cash? It is a cargo plane. Single plane? The whole aircraft. 1.7 billion, I do not understand it. It just shows the power of the President. When the President can authorize $ 1.7 billion in cash, which means more power.

And do you think that now the money is funding terrorism?

— No, I think the money in the Swiss Bank accounts. They do not need the money, they will use other money. I think they took the money and left them to themselves. This is my opinion.

— What can You say about Obama’s positions on Israeli resolution in the UN Security Council just before Christmas?

— It was awful. He had to veto. I think it was horrible.

— Do you think that the UK were to veto?

The UK will soon have the opportunity to veto, if everything that I hear At the end of this week they will meet (referring to the conference on the Middle East foreign Ministers in Paris — approx. ed.). And are subject to a number of bad stories. My problem is that I thereby becomes more difficult to negotiate the agreement because the Palestinians so much is given in advance. Although it is not legally obligating, but psychologically complicates my negotiations. Do you understand? These people eliminate a whole lot of negotiating.

© AFP 2016, Jack GuezСолдат of the army of Israel hangs a national flag on a tank on the Israeli side of the border

And You think that the UK should reject any resolution of the UN Security Council for Israel, which will be presented this week to have a more favourable starting position to achieve a good agreement for the Middle East?

— I’ll be glad of the British veto. I think it would be great if the UK vetoed, because I’m not sure that the United States would do it, paradoxically. They do not do this, isn’t it? You think the United States will veto? I have Jewish friends who are organizing a charity event for Obama. I tell them, “What are you doing?”.

— Is it true that You intend to move the American Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

— I’m not gonna comment on this now, but we’ll see.

“Breaksit is great.”

— You know the famous quote of Henry Kissinger: “what number do I call if I want to talk to Europe?” What number will you call?

— I would say that Merkel definitely is one of the principal persons among the heads of government. Look at Britain and the European Union, which, in essence, is Germany. In principle, the European Union is a means to achieve the goals of Germany. So, in my opinion, Britain’s decision on secession was quite clever. You have already written on the title page, “trump said there would be brakcet”. It was then, when no one has ever thought and everyone thought I was crazy. Obama then said that the British would have had to stand in the General queue, assuming “if it happens”. And then he had to take back his words. When he put it like that, it was bad. I think you do it great. I think everything is fine.

— How do you see the future of the European Union? Do you think that its composition will be released in other countries?

— It will be difficult. I talked to the head of the EU — I called a very nice gentleman.

Mr Juncker?

— Yes, to congratulate me on my victory in the elections. I think it’s very difficult: people, countries want their own identity, Britain sought their own identity. But I think that if they are not forced to take all of these refugees are such a huge number, with all their problems, then pexit wouldn’t have happened. All would continue fine, but it was the last straw that broke the patience of the Europeans. People seek their own identity. And if you really ask my opinion, I really think that other countries will secede from the EU.

— As a successful businessman, you trust the European currency?

Yeah, she’s fine. And what do you trust? I trust the dollar. And in four years will be to trust him even more than now — of course, the dollar as the currency is in order. But I think that maintaining the Euro is not as easy as many people think. And if the refugees will continue to arrive in different part of Europe, then hold it will be very difficult because so many people are unhappy with it.

— What is best for US: a strong EU or a strong national government?

— I don’t think the US is playing an important role. I never thought anything of it. Look, partly because the EU was created to confront the United States in trade, isn’t it? So I, in General, all the same, together or apart is not a big factor. I saw it, I have a lot of possession in Ireland, in Doberge is a lovely property. Here’s what happened: I had requested permission for a significant extension of the construction — I was a developer, but I had a lot to learn, because although I got the permission very soon, then Ireland and my people turned to the EU, that he gave his permission. And it lasted for years, and that was bad for Ireland.

— Do you think that the EU hinders national States belonging to it? Whether it is an obstacle to growth and prosperity?

— I can say that the Europeans have resorted to all sorts of tricks in the field of ecology to stop the construction project. For me this was a very unpleasant experience. To get permission from the EU, it would take years. What did I do then? I said, “Forget about it, I’m not going to build anything here”.

Attack on German carmakers

— In the EU and beyond many people are worried that America will maintain protectionist trade policies that would harm her friends. What can you say to these people?

— I think I’ve already done more than any other President-elect in the past. Many factories, many of the plants that were going to move to other places, now being built in Michigan or Ohio. On large projects announced Ford, FIAT-Chrysler and General Motors all announced, and I’m not just talking about the automotive industry, but also about many other things.

We cannot allow businesses to leave our country, so he kicked all their workers here and went to Mexico to make their products — what else is there, and then sell them here without paying any taxes. For businesses that will to behave as they will put very high customs duty. And when they hear it, they say to themselves, “Better we stay here (in the USA approx. ed.)”. But if they still go and build your plant or factory for the production of air conditioners and want to sell these air conditioners here, they will have to pay taxes in the amount of 35%. But this thing just will not come, because they will not go away.

Conservative theory need open borders — open borders, well and good. This is bad, primarily for security, but good for trade. But in trade there is a problem — the US is constantly used by other countries. Our trade deficit with China amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. Around the world it reaches 805 billion. But if you lost so much money — tell me who’s doing these deals?

— It is obvious that Germany benefits from this, because we are world Champions in exports.

— Yes, you are a very good exporter. We buy a lot of your machines.

— Should Europeans fear about the fact that you have declared on China — increase of customs duties?

— Here things will be different. Germany is a beautiful country, great manufacturer. If you walk down Fifth Avenue, you can see that there, everyone parked at the entrance to the Mercedes, isn’t it? The fact that you are a very dishonest act against the United States. No reciprocity: how many Chevrolet vehicles you see on the streets in Germany? Not too much, and maybe not at all. It is a kind of “one way street”. But it should be bilateral.

© REUTERS Mike Blake/File PhotoДилерский center for Volkswagen in USA

I want to be fair — there must be reciprocity, so in trade we annually lose almost 800 — just imagine! — $ 800 billion. As you know, our team has Wilbur (Ross — future Minister for trade — approx. ed.). And most of this amount is attributable to China, because China is a huge problem.

— You just mentioned the Mercedes, BMW and even Volkswagen. Do you expect from these companies that they will build new factories in the US? For example, BMW wants in 2019 to build a plant in Mexico.

— I would tell them to not waste time and money — unless they are going to sell their cars in other countries. Then there is no problem with the fact that they will produce them in Mexico. I love Mexico, her President and the people — but I would tell BMW that if they want to build cars in Mexico and sell them in the US without a 35 percent duty, you can forget about it. So if they want to build cars for the whole world, I wish them all the best. They can build them for US, but then every car imported into the U.S., they will have to pay tax at 35%. Thus, I say that they will have to build a plant in the U.S. will be much better for them and for us too.

More importantly, perhaps, what we will lower taxes for businesses to 15-20%. And we will eliminate 75% of all regulatory norms: from 35 to 15-20 — finally, we have not decided yet, but it will be a figure between 15 and 20… But thanks to a new procedure of tax refund companies will be able to return their own money.

— This will affect companies like Google?

Well, there are five — I think five, though some say that this amount is 2.5-3, but I think that five trillion dollars, and they can’t get their money back. So this is part of our law about the tax — money back.

— You can call yourself a conservative, given your point of view about free trade?

— I am a pragmatist. See: I stand before a wide audience — I was the largest demonstration in comparison with all other candidates in the past. And when I spoke against Jebba Bush — “Jeb low energy,” he said, “Donald trump is not a conservative.” Then I performed in front of 25 thousand people, or, for example, in Michigan, where there were as many as 32 thousand, and I told them: “Jeb Bush says, I’m not a conservative.” And they shouted in answer: “but who cares?!” And I said, “What do you want? Want a conservative or a good deal?” Jeb Bush said I’m not a conservative because I don’t believe in free trade.

No, I believe in free trade and love it, but it must be a smart trade to be called honest. And then I said to the people: “do You want a conservative or a person that will conclude a great deal?” And they cried out, “Great transaction, great deal!” They still — they have no labels. So who cares? I am a conservative, but really my goal is to get a good deal in the interests of the people, that they had a job. People don’t care when you say… They don’t care — they want a good deal. You know what? They want to get back their jobs.

— You have idols? Are there heroes that you are targeting people from the past that you admire?

— No, I don’t like heroes, don’t like the idea of any hero. The idea of having a hero is never great, but of course I respect certain people. And of course, there are certain people — but I learned a lot from his father, who was a developer in Brooklyn and Queens. He built houses and apartments, and I learned from him how to negotiate — although at the same time I think negotiating is a natural talent. Either you have it or you don’t. You can do better, but, basically, the people I know and who are great negotiators or salesmen, or politicians — these people have all obtained externally, of course, looks naturally…

Once I received a letter from a man who wrote: “what you have achieved is fantastic, because you were never a politician, but won all politicians.” This person wrote that someone calculated after three months of the campaign: my experience was only three months, 17 of my opponents-the Republicans had a common experience in 236 years. That is, I it was three months, and they have 236 years. It’s funny, but I think it’s kind of like a good punch in baseball or in Golf. For me, a natural gift is far more important than experience, and experience is a good thing: I think it’s a great thing, but I learned a lot from his father for strength of leadership.

Your policy of “America first” implies that you agree with what the rest of the world will suffer. Is that so?

— I don’t want to happen, split. I love the world, want the world was good, but we can’t… I mean look what is happening to our country. Our national debt is 20 trillion dollars — we know not what we do — our army is weak: we conduct a war that will never end, because, as I said, we have 17 years in Afghanistan. Really, 17 years is the longest war in which we ever participated.

On the controversy surrounding the intelligence services and the notorious “dossier trump”

— The messages published in the media this week, talking about your relationship with the secret services?

— You need the right people: you know Pompeo — known and recognized person who did a good job and will now head the CIA. I think we have a couple of very good people who will now come. I think we have some great people. They know that I respect intelligence, but there are many so-called “leakage”, and in this connection published a lot of “fake news”.

Someone wrote that this case is somehow linked to a former British diplomat. Don’t you think that we Brits need to closely monitor our intelligence services?

— This type you need to look closely, because regardless of what he wrote about me is not true. Supposedly he worked for Republicans and Democrats, who collaborated with each other. But I don’t even believe that because they do not work together and only work separately from each other. And while they hired the same person? But how could they work together? So this story is “fake news”. Because some so-called secret service — whatever it was — said that this type was an agent of the Republicans and Democrats. It they don’t work together.

— Who is behind all this may think to stand?

— I think it could be intelligence, could be the Democrats. When I heard about it, I broke up the report. If I did that to some hotel, it would be a great story — I would have immediately found himself on the title page “New York Post”, don’t you think? Or here’s another example: I just can’t take the hands of these people and do not want them to serve. It’s entirely “fake news,” sucked from the finger. I just received a letter from people who went with me to Russia. Very rich people that rode with me said you was with us, and I was with them, I wasn’t even there. I wasn’t there, just wasn’t there. I was there in the framework of the organization of the beauty contest “Miss universe”, woke up in the morning, collected the Luggage and left. So if this guy is a Brit, then you have a lot of problems…

“I have 46 million subscribers”

— How the presidency will affect your work style?

© REUTERS, Shannon Stapleton/File photoИзбранный President of the United States Donald trump in the lobby of trump tower

— You know, the changes are very, very large. I led a very pleasant life, was successful and good, but it is quite another matter — but I think if you’re the President, you are in the White house, and it is a very special place. You were there for some time — who want him to leave? For example, I like President Obama. He was very helpful Yes, very helpful in a private conversation — the rest may not be so accommodating. But who wants to leave the White house to go somewhere in other place, in vacation? The white house is something very special, a lot of work, and I’m not going to go often. I’ll stay in the White house and work. To perform their tasks — who wants to leave the White house?

— They say that at camp David very nice.

— Yes, camp David is very majestic and beautiful and you will like it. But do you know how long he’s going to like you? 30 minutes…

— You will continue to write posts to Twitter, assuming the office of President? And if so, under what name: The Real Donald Trump, or POTUS, maybe the Real POTUS?

— I think that under the name @RealDonaldTrump — I’ll keep it. Now I have 46 million subscribers is a lot, a lot. But 46 million is the total number of subscribers in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, if you think about the figure of 46 million, I think I’ll leave the name of @RealDonaldTrump to make it grow further. As for Twitter, first I thought I was going to write there less often, but the press writes about me so unfair that I will write to Twitter and beyond. And it will not be 140 characters, now it’s 140, 280 characters — I can write and write and write, and they will publish, and to publish these messages. This morning on Fox News: “Donald trump, we have urgent news!” And then I’ll give something!

This morning you wrote a lot in Twitter?

— Wrote a little bit, Yes.

— And you write yourself?

— I wrote about the secret services, because it turned out that all of this was misinformation.

— You write with this phone?

— This. But I have several of them. iPhones…

And nobody else knows how to log in to your Twitter account, right?

— No, I’m writing myself. I have a couple of people who do it during the day. I just dictate them something, and they write it down.

— That is Steve Bannon or someone else?

— No, not Steve. There are other people doing it. But, you see, tweeting interesting, because I find it very neat. If I say something in public or in interviews to the Newspapers that then explain my words very carefully, but it is very bad. And this is hardly something to do. But when I write to Twitter and I’m doing it carefully — it is very accurate, and it is published under the heading “breaking news”. You know, it’s funny — if I were to give a press conference and say something there, it did not reach such a large number of people, and, most likely, this would happen only the next day. In addition, to hold a press conference — this is a very big job.

— What role will play your son-in-law Jared Kushner?

— You know what? Jared’s a good guy, and he will be able to conclude an agreement with Israel, which until now could not enter into one. You know, he’s a natural talent — he’s gorgeous, really natural talent. You already know what I’m talking about natural talent, he has an innate ability to make deals and everyone loves him.

— Your daughter Ivanka will play an important role in the government?

— No, not now. She will travel to Washington, D.C. and they are now working on buying a house or something like that, but, you see, she has kids, so Jared will participate in this work, as we have already announced. But without a salary. When he reaches the world — who could be more suited for this task than Jared, isn’t it? It is something there…