A warning about the desire to improve relations with Russia: it’s a trap

After meeting the speaker of the Seimas of Lithuania and the Russian Ambassador talked about improving the atmosphere of bilateral relations at least at the parliamentary level cooperation allegedly planning to start inter-parliamentary group. However, I got a warning that good intentions can be just a cover.

In the near future in the Russian Duma should establish a group to maintain inter-parliamentary relations with Lithuania, and the deputies of both countries should start improving the atmosphere of bilateral relations. This was at a meeting with speaker Viktoras Pranckietis said the Russian Ambassador Alexander Udaltsov, adding that the need to create more favorable conditions for bilateral dialogue.” Anyone who wants to work?

In Lithuania, raised a wave of surprise, I suspect that the group on Interparliamentary relations of the new Parliament intends to improve relations with Moscow unilaterally. The composition of this group includes Irina Rozova, Arturas Skardzhyus, Irena Saulene, Valerius Simulik Ausra Maldacena, stasis Acalanes, Petras Grazulis. And Zbigniew Etinski, Kestutis Glaveckas, Linas, Balsis, Mindaugas Bastys, Valentinas, Bukauskas, Mikhail Matskevich, Raimundas Martinellis, kęstutis Masiulis, Yaroslav Narkevich, Alfredas-stasis Nausea, Czeslaw Olszewski, yulyus, Sabatauskas, Algimantas Salamakinas, kęstutis Smirnovas, Gintaras, Vaicekauskas, Jonas Varkala, Zenonas Streikus, rimantė Šalaševičiūtė.

The head of the group, a former Lithuanian Ambassador to Russia Antanas Vinkus. It Vinkus last week, assured that even in the face of difficult relations with Russia can cooperate in matters of culture, medicine, tourism. However, Delfi, he said MPs, members of the panel had not met to discuss how to begin the conversation with the deputies of the Duma. It is going to do in January.

According to the teacher of the Institute of international relations and political science WU Nerius of Maliukevicius, which is more than 10 years exploring the information war, the initiative Venkusa associated with close collaboration, should be assessed with great caution. “No matter the culture or sport, it is the explicit goal of the Ambassador. 10 years ago such statements “to separate culture from politics” can and could be the subject of discussion but now seem naive. Look at the history of doping scandals involving Russian athletes, the list of artists who have signed up for the annexation of Crimea. If politicians declare that, we fall into the trap. Our goal is and how to begin discussion, how to meet the initiative. Matter what you are talking about culture, sports or start with the principled position in relation to the Kremlin. If this topic January 13, it is important to remind our requests for legal assistance,” said Maliukevicius.

He recalled that talks on restoring inter-parliamentary ties began shortly after the Russian Duma adopted a resolution in which it emphasized that the trial in Vilnius on the case January 13 — not legal, but political, its purpose is to prepare the ground for the condemnation of Russia in the international arena and to sue in respect of compensation.

Maliukevicius recalled that this document was approved 430 out of 450 deputies of the Duma, the initiator of the document Sergey Shargunov said that the text agreed with the foreign Ministry. “This context, of course, complicates a positive agenda, but I am still inclined to perceive the initiatives of the new Parliament and the Embassy,” said Maliukevicius about the visit of the Ambassador of Russia in the Parliament on the eve of January 13.

Reminded the Ambassador about the case on January 13 before the meeting with the Ambassador of Russia Pranckietis in an interview with LNK stressed kadчто he was aware of the threats posed by Russia, and points of contact in the field of safety culture, they do not threaten national security. “If famous artists go to Moscow, it will not harm national security, and the name of Lithuania will be beautifully presented in such a megapolis as Moscow,” said the speaker, despite the fact that even in the report that Parliament is considering this week, said that Russia tries to achieve its goal through various cultural projects.

Experts in the field of strategic communication to emphasize that by invoking the nostalgia of the Russian performers who were openly friendly with the Kremlin’s support a certain image of cultural space: it is Lithuania, a former Soviet territory, culturally you’re not going anywhere. However, after meeting with Udaltsov Advisor Pranckietis on the issue of external and international Affairs kęstutis Kudzmanas said that the speaker was prepared and expressed fundamental tenets of Lithuania.

According to Kudzmanas, the speaker reminded the Russian Ambassador that 0.5 million citizens of Russia in January, 1991 in Moscow supported Lithuania and the Ambassador expressed concern with the fact that Russia does not want to cooperate in the investigation of the case of January 13 and Medininkai. “This is just a courtesy call, a common practice. Before that came the ambassadors of the Baltic States, Poland, USA, Ukraine, and Udaltsov among the invitees was the 18th or the 20th. So with the date of January 13 it had nothing to do. We hope for constructive cooperation, unfortunately, our views in some interpretations are not the same,” said Kudzmanas. According to him, Pranckietis also expressed concern in connection with the construction of the Ostrovets NPP in Belarus (NPP Rosatom builds) and expressed concern over the situation in Ukraine, urged Russia to respect the Minsk agreement and stop the bloodshed. Deputy Arvidas Anushauskas has confirmed that the cooperation between the parliaments of Lithuania and Russia at the moment frozen.

In 2008-2012 he was a member of such a parliamentary group. “Russia itself has refused such cooperation, despite the fact that members of the Duma were invited to in 2010 and in 2011, didn’t want to say, only declared the blockade of our export food products, restrict the actions of the carriers,” recalled Anushauskas. He assured that he will achieve his purpose in the composition of this group, because its activity does not have to be unscrupulous travesty.

“I’m not saying that it is not necessary to talk, to negotiate — but you need to lay the Foundation for trust and confidence, justified not by words but by deeds, in addition, it should be unacceptable for certain politicians because of their business interests. Pasta is a good product to export, but if they are from Russia, we are familiar with their taste. Stop aggressive actions against neighbors, primarily Ukraine, will stop to enter in the Kaliningrad oblast the weapons to attack — maybe then there will be preconditions for a dialogue”, — said Anushauskas.

A similar assessment was expressed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius: “the Deputies are free people, they can discuss, create groups to meet, but it is very important that this dialogue was fundamental that we speak not with some defensive positions, we do not need to be protected, it is important to understand this, and on the other side”. According to Maliukevicius, it is always important to maintain a dialogue between departmental channels. But more importantly, to speak of those who take such initiatives. “It is particularly important that whoever takes on such subtle diplomatic initiatives and what competence has,” said Maliukevicius on the composition of the parliamentary group.

According to him, it is not strange that the Russian Embassy is probing the situation, trying to establish contact with the new Parliament and its members, which, in turn, are also trying to find a field of activity. However, according to the source, Russia is still important to find all formats and themes which will allow you to break out of isolation. Kudzmanas said that the initiative of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in General can fail, if the Duma is not interested in improving relations with Lithuania. That is why MPs, dreaming about the trips to Moscow, you may have to wait or be disappointed. Maliukevicius said that Lithuania’s foreign policy is formed not by the Parliament, and the President and foreign Minister, a tough stance against the Kremlin irked Moscow not for the first year. The fundamental promise to be the other members. “I don’t think that can be a business partnership — “guys let’s live together” — even if it is in their animation,” he joked, Anusauskas.