Old New year and Christmas eve: how to celebrate rituals and traditions

In the night from 13 to 14 January, it is customary to celebrate Christmas eve, which is popularly referred to as the feast of the Holy Melenki.

Traditionally served festive table with treats: there must be generous kutya, meat dishes, variety of snacks, which made it possible to demonstrate the wealth in the family.

At the table everyone sits in a beautiful and festive clothes, where as in the Holy Night, January 6, you can not swear.

After the meal gathered in groups all the young people in the district and went to medronate and wonder. It was believed that on this night, a girl can know what will be her marriage.

It is noteworthy that there is another custom for men. It was believed that on this day you can re-ask the girl to marry, even if you had been a failure.

Just as important is the fact, who was the first to enter the house. It must be a good man with good intentions, generous and welcoming. When this was considered a good sign if the first to come to the house man.

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