New goodwill of Moscow

In those days one could literally get lost: whose is the word — the Kremlin or the elected President of the USA of Donald trump?


Republican called so-called Russian dossier compromise with his materials, among other things, a “political witch hunt”. The wording, which is three days before that they used the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov (“It really resembles a witch hunt”), when he denied the report of the secret services of the United States. The Russian government is accused that it allegedly is behind the hacker attacks during the election campaign in the United States. Thus, Sands chose words that trump has used the 6th of January.


At the first press conference trump the Kremlin also reacted calmly. Moscow hopes that the two presidents would get along with each other, said Thursday Sands. He again called the accusations of hacking “nonsense” and spoke of “hysteria”. According to him, Russia will wait until the attack settles.


It sounded very conciliatory.


On Wednesday, trump first declared that the hacker attacks is Russia. However, in his typical fashion, he again substantially limited said: “I think it was Russia”. He later added: “you Know what? It could be other”.

However, trump finally expressed what I think in the United States in connection with hacking attacks: what for such massive attacks by state actors, and that first of all Russia was interested to interfere in the election campaign in the United States.


However, the Russian audience in the evening news on Kremlin TV channels First channel and Russia 1 did not see on Wednesday of the first sentence of the trump of Russia. TV showed only the second sentence. He’s been here for months trying to create a positive image of trump:


If trump will improve relations with Moscow and praises Putin. “I’ve always knew he is a very intelligent man,” said trump after Putin in late December refused responses not expelled 35 American diplomats.

Trump allegedly belongs to the political establishment and is a successful businessman who says what he thinks.


That trump also said that from his point of view in Russian-American relations there is no “button to restart”, is mentioned in the best case only in passing. Conversely, the last days of Barack Obama’s state media coverage of rude: Obamacare is not functioning, and in Syria, Obama failed — in contrast to Putin, who made the turn in the war-torn country.

The Kremlin shrugs off criticism from the new administration in Washington. So Sand very cautiously reacted to the statements of future U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson). How oil tycoon, he for many years maintained close relations with the head of the state oil giant Rosneft Igor Sechin and Putin. Now Tillerson is unusually critical in its new role of policy before the foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Congress: “Russia has no legitimate claim to Crimea,” he said. But a Kremlin spokesman Peskov just said that Moscow does not agree with the statements Tillerson.


Russian foreign policy toward the United States, in fact, replete with aggressive rhetoric: no matter what Washington did, the answer was not long in coming. Meanwhile, it began to refer only to Obama and the opponents of the trump.


Sam trump does not want to corner the Russian leadership. On the future President of the United States is “huge pressure from the opponents of improved relations with Russia,” — says the newspaper “Izvestia” head of the international Affairs Committee in the Russian Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev. In Russian society we are talking about the “information war” against trump.


The speculation


All this puts the Kremlin in a comfortable position, allowing you to relax and observe the partially very emotional debate in the United States, where to deepen the moat between Democrats and Republicans.


It depends on the trump, which leaves open the question of how intensive was and is its relations with Russia. For example, it is still not clear how often he actually visited Russia. He alleged for many years tried to participate in the Russian real estate market. Why he failed is unknown.


It gives reason for speculation, as evidenced by now the publication of the dossier one former British agent about relationships trump with Russia. According to them, trump has allowed himself to kompromentirovat, in particular, due to the alleged sexual escapades in a Moscow hotel and details agreed with the Kremlin over the election struggle in the USA. This information is not confirmed and is disputed by trump.


However, this rumor has become one of the main themes, not least due to the fact that the “compromising” have in Russia a long tradition. This refers to the discredited material in relation to any person, is composed of classified or other services to use this for blackmail. Sexy pictures are published not only in order to discredit last year, opposition politicians such as Mikhail Kasyanov. It touched and foreigners: for example, in 2009, the British Vice-Consul General in Yekaterinburg and one American diplomat in Moscow.


The speculation threatened to undermine relations between Putin and trump before then they will meet for the first time. But both sides apparently determined not to let themselves be provoked.