China is preparing for a trade war

“We cannot allow China to continue to rape our country. That’s exactly what he is doing now. This is the main rape in history”. Sounded during the election campaign of harsh criticism of China from the Donald trump raises concerns about a trade war, the two main world powers. This scenario looks more likely that the future President has appointed an Advisor on trade is known for its anti-China mindset of the economist Peter Navarro (Peter Navarro).

“Donald trump plays on uncertainty and don’t do just what they talked about during the campaign,” warns the Director of the research Center for world economy sébastien Jean (Jean Sébastien). Get at least 45% tariff on Chinese goods. Such a measure is too costly to the American economy. Nevertheless, “the probability is that the future President will behave aggressively.” Opportunities for a wide. Thus, the administration of trump can take steps to protect the American steel industry, which is losing ground against the background of overproduction in China. In this case, Beijing will redirect its exports to the European market, where everything is also is not the best way.

The Chinese will not sit idly by if Donald trump will bring the threat of execution. “Bilateral relations will be affected by new, complex and uncertain factors,” — said recently, Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi Beijing, may reply with a change of orders Boeing Airbus, a limitation of the iPhone sales or import duties on soybeans. That can be a severe blow to key U.S. industries. Anyway, “the Chinese can lose more than the Americans, in the case of a new trade war”, — said the chief economist at Coface, Julien Marcie (Julien Marcilly).