In Egypt found 12 ancient tombs

Near the legendary Valley of the Kings in Egypt, archaeologists found 12 ancient tombs, which were carved in the rock, as well as temples and altars, according to “RIA Novosti” with reference to the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt.

As noted by one of the participants in the excavation and General Director of the Museum of Aswan (Egypt) Nasr Salama, found in the tombs were buried entire families.

“These tombs are interesting because they were buried entire families – men and women of different ages, and, apparently, their children and even Pets. The discovery of these burials suggests that to know the Gebel-El-SILSILA, this region of Ancient Egypt lived in large families,” says Salama.

In total, the archaeologists were able to find in the rocks from 12 small and very large tombs in which were buried several dozen members of the nobility or local governors, as well as many cultural and religious artifacts, food, vessels and jewelry. In addition, in the rocks, scientists found three temple or the altar, cemetery animals and babies

One of the most surprising discoveries related to the excavations of these tombs, was that in one of them archaeologists have found mummies not only people and Pets, but also the skeleton of a crocodile near one of the sarcophagi. Apparently, crocodiles and Sebek, krokodilopolis the God of water and of the Nile, was particularly revered in Gebel-El-SILSILA.