The content of Breivik in prison annual cost of Norway to half a million euros

The contents of the terrorist Anders Breivik in prison is Norway more than half a million euros per year. This was stated by the attorney General of Norway, Fredric Seyersted in court, according to

“We need about 5 million kroner (550 million euros) per year, to provide to the branch where it is held, a high level of protection”, – he said.

Recall that a Norwegian court has begun the appeal of the government on a previous court decision that the right killer Anders Breivik was violatedwhen he was placed in solitary confinement and restricted movement.

As you know, Breivik is the organizer and executor of the terrorist attack in Oslo in 2011, in which 77 persons were killed and 151 were injured.

In 2012, Breivik was sentenced to 21 year of imprisonment with the right of extension of a prison sentence, an unlimited number of times.