“We can expect that trump will cancel the sanctions against Russia,” – American scientist

Today, the United States should formally declare the extension of anti-Russian sanctions in response to a hacker attack in mid-June, according to Washington, the Russian hackers broke into the database of the US Democratic party, having access to information about presidential candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald trump. According to CNN, the White house’s planned expansion of existing sanctions and the introduction of measures at the diplomatic level that the administration considers proportional response to hack attack the Kremlin. In addition, Washington intends to resort to some secret measures.

Also, The Washington Post reported that the sanctions will be the end of the debate on the application period of the decree, allowing to expand the powers of the President of the United States to respond to cyberattacks from abroad, committed to the critical infrastructure. “But at the moment the electronic electoral system is not, and, according to the newspaper, in order to apply this decree, it must be attributed to the critical infrastructure,” notes The Washington Post.

The extension of sanctions, many us and European media called the farewell Christmas present outgoing Administration of Barack Obama to Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time, the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump has spoken out against the extension of anti-Russian sanctions for cyber attacks. “We should think about what is going on with our lives. Computers have seriously affected our lives. The entire computer age has turned the current situation into one, in which nobody has a clue what’s going on. We have many other issues that you should consider. But I’m afraid we do not have the security that we need,” said trump, while in Florida, in response to a request for comment on intentions to impose new sanctions against Russia.

Professor of political science at Rutgers University in Newark (new Jersey) Alexander Motyl believes that after the inauguration of the trump may cancel part of sanctions against Russia. “Obama is right to mention the extension of sanctions, but the final effect of these sanctions would probably be appropriate, as it can be expected that trump would lift sanctions. What he can do, by signing the so-called “executive order” (the document has the force of law – Ed.) Another thing is that “Democrats” and some “Republicans” will demand a high price for it, refusing to endorse certain candidates for Ministerial posts (for example, Tillerson), if trump will want to cancel (sanctions – Ed.). It will end, nobody knows, but it is very probable that, at least, a certain part of the sanctions will be canceled. If the US does this, we can expect a similar reaction in Europe,” says Alexander Motyl.

The expert commented on the role of former Secretary of state Henry Kissinger’s foreign policy future Administration trump. According to American political scientist, Kissinger is sure to be an unofficial adviser to the new President of the United States. Probably his position on Russia and Ukraine are not substantially different from the vision of trump, Flynn, Tillerson, so his contribution would be symbolic – the presence of the Kissinger policy is to give the trump a certain respectability, legitimacy, said the analyst.

“Seems to emphasize that no one knows that trump will seek some sort of rapprochement with Russia. It’s possible that trump is ready to recognize the annexation of the Crimea and Ukraine put before a difficult choice: either to adapt to the U.S.-Russian agreement, and the complete isolation and to be alone with Moscow. Therefore, Kyiv needs to think seriously about its strategic priorities. What is more important: the survival and consolidation of democracy and reform, or reunification with Crimea and occupied Donbas? Conditional support of the US and the West or “hot” the support of Russia? Endless war or a bad peace? What needs to die Ukrainians in Lugansk or Kiev? In this vein, the coming to power of trump will have one positive consequence for Ukraine will be forced to make hard decisions about their further fate,” said Motyl.

We will remind, according to the newspaper Politico Kissinger is one of the few Americans with whom he likes to talk to Putin. For years after that conversation, while Putin climbed the career ladder in the Kremlin and eventually became an autocrat, he maintained a warm relationship with former US Secretary of state, even when relations between Moscow and Washington deteriorated. On the issue of Ukraine, which temporarily lost control over the Crimea and part of Donbass from the aggression of Russia, Kissinger insisted that she should not join the West. “Ukraine should be included in the framework of European and international security architecture so that it has become a bridge between Russia and the West, and not on someone’s side,” – said Kissinger.