Obama was a great President

The biggest mistake Obama was, of course, that he could not negotiate with the Republican majority in Congress and instead of finding a well-informed policy decisions for a long time preferred to rule by decree.

Barack Obama made history. As the first African American in such a post, he proved that skin color does not prevent to become President of the United States.

In his last days in the White house feverishly working to when its remembered as such, but the risk remains that only in this and remember.

Any great President Obama was not, and his farewell speech in Chicago on Wednesday night became a spectacular point, as, of course, hoped his supporters.

Obama was elected a little less than two months after the outbreak of the economic crisis, from an economic point of view provided him with the worst start possible. But he met a problem really more constructively than it did in Europe, where millions of mostly young people were put on the street in embrace of mass unemployment caused by the destructive crisis politics, rezhissiruemyh from Berlin.

The US is now experiencing a strong economic recovery, unemployment is low, while Europe is still struggling to recover after years of crisis. That 2017 year promises to be better, too, associated not least with the rise of the United States.

In his farewell speech, Obama argued that he succeeded. The economy recovered. National health reform is adopted. Climate agreement signed. Nuclear agreement with Iran is in order.
But health care reform can in no way be called successful. Of course, millions of Americans got health insurance, but for the same reason for the other millions of Americans the price of their insurance has increased incredibly. Besides, most of the reform is not approved, and therefore it will soon be canceled President trump, with the support of the Republicans dominating Congress.

Climate agreement can expect the same fate as the new Governor of Washington believes that greenhouse gas emissions should reduce the technological development in the conditions of free market competition and not state support of development of renewable sources of energy.

Nuclear agreement formally allowed to live, because the government trump the need to leave room for a certain minimum of real politics. In addition, the United States under the management of Obama is so weak on the geopolitical arena that it will take years of dedicated effort to restore the global strike force.

Obama came to power by promises to reduce US involvement in international Affairs that he, in truth, failed, and as a deterrent the evidence can result in Syria. Now the scene is Russia, as well as China tries to consolidate its position in Asia, especially in the South China sea.

The biggest mistake Obama was, of course, that he could not negotiate with a Republican majority in Congress, and instead of finding a well-informed policy decisions for a long time preferred to rule by decree.

The good will that Mr. Obama brought to the White house, not turned into real policy. Instead, he often acted more and more isolated.

As a person Obama deserves nice words, but even sympathy without attempting to smooth over the impression of wasted years left to the end of his tenure. The Nobel peace prize he received in 2009, in many respects, was awarded for political reasons rather in advance of what was expected, but what he ultimately never did.

It is difficult to say whether the story is merciful to Obama, but it is unlikely to refer to it as his smug farewell speech in Chicago.