In the Donbas exploded car of the SBU.

In the Constantine district of Donetsk region on a mine exploded under the car of the SBU, the result of which one person was killed. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda, citing a source.

As it became known, the incident took place in the Konstantinovsky district yesterday, June 27. The car went five employees of the SBU. The explosion killed one on the spot, and another four were injured.

It is noted that the employees of the counterintelligence Department.

In turn, the speaker of the security Service, Elena Gitlyanskaya confirmed to “the Ukrainian truth” the information.

In addition, as posted in the Facebook the journalist Bogdan boutkevitch, in parallel, there was an attempt to blow up the car with the commander of the 8th regiment of special forces in Kiev. The car was supposed to explode in parts, but a female saboteur was detained.

Recall, June 27 at 8:16 law enforcement officers received a report that at the intersection of streets Solomenskaya and Alekseevskaya exploded the car “Mercedes”. The fragments in the explosion scattered in a radius of about 100 meters and damaged other cars. Later it turned out that the wheel was Colonel Gur, the defense Ministry Maxim Shapoval.