Farewell speech of Obama “Yes we can! Yes, we could!” (video)

On Tuesday evening in the Congress center “McCormick place” in Chicago, where 44th US President Barack Obama launched his election campaign in 2008, he delivered his last as head of state by appeal to Americans, which summarized the results of his 8-year rule. Obama spoke in front of 20 thousands of associates who very warmly received him. The end of the speech the first black President of America couldn’t even hold back the tears.

According to Obama, he was a good President. “If I told you eight years ago, that America will win the recession that we will open a new page of relations with the Cuban people, put an end to the Iranian nuclear program without firing a shot, kill the mastermind of the September 11 attacks… If I told you all that you would say that we are aiming too high. But we all did it. America is stronger and safer than when we started, Obama said. — I ask you to believe that to make change happen — not in my forces, and your. Yes, we can! Yes, we could! Thank you all, God bless you”.

Obama pointed to problems that sends US 20 Jan Donald Trump. He called the racism and economic inequality one of the main threats to democracy in the United States. Another threat to democratic America, Obama believes tendentious selection of facts policy, when opinions are not based on “some General background facts.” As an example of such a situation, he cited the problem of climate change, over which are actively working for the Obama administration and which is pointedly indifferent to the tramp. The outgoing US President also reminded about the threat to world order based on respect for laws and human rights, from religious fanatics and foreign autocracies. “Rivals such as Russia and China will not be able to achieve the same effect, if only we will leave what you believe in, and will not turn into another large country that bullies small neighbors,” Obama said.

By the way, dark-skinned American President goes down in history, managing to introduce a new package of sanctions against Moscow. The upper house of the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, Democrats Ben Cardin and Robert Menendez and Republicans John McCain and Marco Rubio introduced a bill to impose additional sanctions against Russia. Now because of cyber attacks during the presidential election campaign. According to Reuters, the bill would “scale” the introduction of personal sanctions against people involved in activities that undermine the cyber security of public and private infrastructure and democratic institutions, as well as those who help them.

Tillerson and trump — for friendship with Russia

Today in Washington, the Senate held hearings to discuss the candidacy of the former head of Exxon Mobil Rex Tillerson to the post of Secretary of state, and in new York, in the Trump Tower for the first time after the election of President Donald trump answered questions of journalists. Both politicians did not do sharp statements towards the Russian Federation. The billionaire has offered to give the chance to Vladimir Putin to normalize relations with the United States: “I don’t know if I’ll be able to get along with Vladimir Putin. I hope I can. But there is a high probability that I won’t be able. If Putin likes Donald trump, I believe that it is an asset, not an obligation, because we have terrible relations with Russia.” And Tillerson stated: “Russia does not have to be our enemy, something we can be partners. Russia is a hostile adversary of the US. I didn’t want it moved into the category of enemies.”