Snowfall and warming: the weather forecast for a week

In Ukraine last weekend, there were heavy frosts and snowfalls. In some regions, the day temperature dropped to 20 degrees below zero and the snowfall paralyzed traffic on the roads. This week, weather forecasters predict Ukrgidroenergo in the country is expected slight warming. When Saturday, January 14, will be Blizzard. The website “Segodnia” find out what weather to expect Ukrainians in the next few days.

The weather forecast for a week

On Tuesday the snow will be held throughout the country, except the Western regions, reported in Ukrhidroenerho. The temperature will not fall below nine degrees below zero. Coldest this day in the West – to seven-nine degrees below zero during the day. In the centre, to the North and in the capital, the thermometer will reach four to six degrees below zero. The exception will be the Sumy region – here colder up to seven to nine degrees.

In the Donetsk region – one to three degrees, in Kharkov – from five to seven, and in Luhansk – from four to six degrees below zero during the day. In the South, colder to five degrees Celsius in the center – to four-six degrees.

The weather forecast for January 10. Photo: Ukrgidromet

January 11, in the North, in the capital and East of the country will be partly cloudy weather the rest of the territory will be snow. In the South, perhaps warming up to one degree above zero during the day, along with the snow will be rain. In the West, the thermometer will range between five to seven degrees below zero, in the center – from two to four degrees Celsius in the North and East from three to five.

Weather forecast for January 11. Photo: Ukrgidromet

On Thursday in Ukraine will pass a light snow. At the same time throughout the country except the South, temperatures will range from three to five degrees Celsius during the day. In the Kherson region will be rain with sleet, and the day warms up one degree Celsius. January 13, the thermometer will reach elevations of two to four degrees below zero all over Ukraine. In the West, Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions will be snow, in other territory – partly cloudy.

Weather forecast for January 12. Photo: Ukrgidromet

14 January, heavy snow in the North, centre and West of the country, and in the South will be showers and sleet, passed in Ukrhidroenerho. It is anticipated warming: air temperature in the southern areas can reach two to three degrees Celsius during the day, and the rest of the territory – up to two to four degrees below zero.

Weather forecast on January 14. Photo: Ukrgidromet

Forecasters say January is the coldest month of the year with steady snow cover in most parts of Ukraine, with frequent snow storms, sleet and fog.

National weather forecast

January 10 venerated the memory of saints of Nicomedia, according to the portal “Weatherman”. Our ancestors noticed that the weather on that day indicates the weather in July next year. If 10 January snowfalls and blizzards, in July will be frequent rains. If this day stacks of bread was covered with frost, it was also a sure sign that the coming summer will be rainy.

January 11, the Church honors the memory of 14 thousand babies of Bethlehem. In the old days this day was made at dusk to rest on the stove and the shelf, telling the children stories and making puzzles. The youth spent time at gatherings. Our ancestors this day watching the wind and clouds, if the wind blew from the North, and the sky was cloudless, it was expected frost.

January 12 venerated the memory of Saint Anisia. The people this day was called “the winter Go” or “Go Seledochnitsy”. In the old days this day was cooked pork stomachs and slaughtered geese. By the entrails of animals wondering about the winter. If the spleen was flat and smooth, was expecting a harsh winter. Fat liver in the middle meant that the cold will start with a half of winter, and the wide face of the liver to the belly promised frosts and pereskia. The people said: “day of Go cold over the earth hung”.

January 13 marks the day of memory of venerable Melania Rimlyanyni. The people called this day “Christmas eve”. The weather of each successive day of consistent weather each of the twelve months. If in the night the wind blew South, the year’s expected hot and fruitful. West wind indicated good yields and an abundance of fish, and the East — abundant harvest of fruit. If you notice on the ice, counting on the abundance of honey. Since that time the day arrives on the hour.