For cyber attacks, Syria and Ukraine: US Senators propose to punish Russia with new sanctions – Washington Post

The proposed group of U.S. senators new sanctions against Russia affect not only the cyber attacks, which Washington accuses Moscow but also of Russia’s actions in Syria and Ukraine. This was reported in the Washington Post.

According to the publication, the project, which will be presented in the Senate, provides for the imposition of sanctions against any supporting cyber attacks against public and private infrastructures.

In addition, the senators propose to introduce restrictive measures in respect of investments in Russian energy projects, provide for sanctions for involvement of any structures in the operations of the defense Ministry and the Russian intelligence.

On what the operations in question, the newspaper did not specify. In addition there are sanctions against Russia for violations of human rights.

The senators also insist on the need to assist Europe in the conduct of counter-propaganda and the promotion of democracy.

The bill on additional sanctions developed by a group of 10 senators, among them – both Democrats and Republicans.

Thus, according to the Washington Post, most of the Republican senators at this stage is not eager to take additional restrictive measures against Russia.

“All need to stop, take a breath and see how it develops the whole story (relations with Russia – Ed.). And then we will need to develop specific plans,” said Republican James Risch, a member of the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs.

We will remind, earlier the U.S. openly accused Russia of trying to influence the past presidential election. To such conclusion the CIA, FBI and national security Agency, referred to in the common on Friday, the unclassified version of the report on the cyberattacks attributed to Russia.

The future chief of staff of the White house staff Raines, Probes previously noted that in connection with these charges against Russia “can be taken“.