Drinking men and couples named the worst for passengers

When summer comes, certain categories of tourists seem lose their sense of decency. This was told by the flight attendant brad Bernoulli, which listed the worst, in his opinion, the types of passengers traveling in the summer, reports The Independent.

According to the newspaper, one of the most annoying passengers, the flight attendant called the family travelers. The steward explained that couples often quarrel during the flight, and their children behaving badly.

In your list of Bernoulli’ve also included a group of believers. According to him, they tend to gather in a prayer circle at the wrong time.

In addition, the steward mentioned promocasa and use onboard alcohol men. Such passengers are usually breaking the rules of behavior in the plane, for example, trying to play beer ping-pong (a game in which a ball for ping-pong trying to get into a glass of alcohol).

Bernoulli also criticized flying together high-school students. The problems with them arise when popular among peers, students begin to ask to transplant them from the less popular.

Another type of passengers that are dissatisfied stewards are children unaccompanied by adults, as these clients have to pay a lot of attention. However, Bernoulli said that, despite all the difficulties he loves his job and most of the customers of his airline.