Stop the planet, I’ll go: “compromising Russia’s” trump stirred up the Internet

Today Buzzfeed unveiled a 35-page report on “the compromising of Russia” to the newly elected President of Donald trump. The document allegedly prepared by an unnamed former employee of British intelligence for political opponents of the trump.

In the “dirt” is information about a secret meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the former Viktor Yanukovych, about the strange “adventures” of trump with the girls of easy virtue, and much more.

However, the accuracy of the document is questionable, what convinced many users of social networks.

Trump, FSB, hookers, Golden shower, the Ritz-Carlton.
Stop the planet, I will come, perhaps.

— Tikhon Dzyadko (@tikhondzyadko) 10 Jan 2017

and Putin the CIA to collect dirt at all pointless… tolerable compromising is not working, there is theft and pedophilia – esteem

Romanian — a hundred (@latiniano) January 11, 2017

Patten niyak not zakonchitsa before parting promoveu Obami, of Novi vikrita about compromising, AI toil rosani on trump. Amerikansk slides

— Myroslava Gongadze (@MGongadze) January 11, 2017

Prostitutes at the Ritz on the order of the trump urinating, and in test tubes for Sochi doping lab.

— vodka and Meldonium (@treugolny_hui) January 11, 2017

Trump took revenge on Obama for our porches

— Introduce yourself , scum (@davnch) January 11, 2017

Will pee in the bed, companion Golitsyn
Cornet Obolensky, keep the mattress

— vnutri Istanbul (@saver_ag) January 11, 2017

In Russia at trump spilled a Golden rain

— Rogozin-to-orbit (@LyapunovS) January 11, 2017

Trump was perverted sexual acts, which was arranged and filmed by the FSB. Soon, pornhub.

— Minang (@crimeapanda) January 11, 2017

The scandal with the Moscow prostitutes and trump is not that they urinated on the bed, but the fact that he habitually didn’t pay.

— Vonzales (@VonzalesDelGado) January 11, 2017

In General, I don’t understand, where were all these CRUMBS when it ran???

— South East (@Ale4kko) January 11, 2017

Recall that initially the information about “the compromising of Russia” in trump’s published edition of CNN, but without any documents or details.