Rozenko: Ukraine has passed the “bottom”, but the turbulence will never end

Ukraine will not come out of the political turbulence, but in the past year of 2016, the situation in the country began to change for the better. This opinion was expressed by Vice Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko in an interview with “Radio Liberty”.

“We hope that the new 2017 will take place without cataclysms. We’ll probably never get out of the zone of political turbulence, but at least, I think there will be less desire and attempts to undermine the political situation. Because all of the economic and social situation is very linked to the political unity, at least in the configuration of the President-Parliament-government, which I hope will continue this year”, – said Rozenko.

According to him, these changes give reason to speak about increase of social standards and the growth of the economy.

“The painful stages that occurred during the government Yatsenyuk and the first months of the government Groisman, already did. … After all, we have already passed the lowest point of his fall and will have to say that the economic and social progress, we will transform in improving the quality of life. And the increase in the minimum wage from January 1, 2017 is the first positive signal, but not the last for this year”, – said Rozenko.

Recall from 1 January 2017 in Ukraine increased the minimum wage – up to 3200 UAH. After the “minimal” Cabinet in the new year promises to raise pensions by an average of 300 UAH. “Today” has found out, who exactly will increase the payments and how much and will there be enough money in the budget.