Info (Czech Republic): why the Kremlin is insisting on holding a military parade?

It makes no sense to repeat again that modern Russia deifies world war II. Articles about the war and about the reasons why Russia select the period after June 1941, that is, the period of the great Patriotic war, it was written already more than enough. From this point of view, the year 2020 is particularly interesting because due to coronavirus crisis we had to postpone the parade, or rather his part of the ground (aircraft part went according to plan, the ninth of may, even had to spend 450 million roubles for dispersal of clouds). So, the parade was moved to June 24. However, it still can wreck a complex epidemiological situation. And here especially I wonder why, in fact, the Kremlin is insisting on holding the parade. Causes extremely modern and pragmatic.

It is not necessary to be especially perspicacious to understand that in the first place it was necessary as soon as possible to hold a parade, and what his timing, then hesitated. Choice new dates substantiated anniversary parade held on red square in 1945. In principle, this is not new, and, incidentally, the seventh of November, the parade is not officially in honor of the Bolshevik revolution, and after another parade held in red square on the seventh of November 1941. A reference to the Second world war by smoothing out the corners and is an attempt to block the Communists their holiday is a bit less conflict.

To the same category belongs also the so-called national unity Day, celebrated on the fourth of November. It was introduced in 2004 to commemorate the expulsion of poles from Moscow in 1612. But in this case it is more than obvious that the holiday is intended to replace already established, but a society divided by the anniversary of the arrival of the Bolsheviks to power. And the only appropriate historical event it appeared in 1612. As they used to say evil tongues, in the beginning of November had something to celebrate, so came up with this holiday. Honestly, if you asked passersby on the streets of Moscow, after which he is celebrated or what feelings they cause in the vast majority of cases you would be surprised. Let this holiday and do not cause conflicts in the Russian society (the poles here far-fetched), but the event about which he recalls, too long and does not cause any particular emotion. However, the goal is achieved, and nobody gets hurt.

The desire to hold a military parade at any price confirms the great importance attached to some historical episodes today and, above all, those connected with the myth of the so-called great Patriotic war. The Kremlin has consistently stressed that is the heir of those who fought against Nazism and fascism, and that bases its legitimacy. In addition, the period is the Russians have a sense of pride because in the country, perhaps no family, which was unscathed by the war. Therefore, there is hardly an argument against the celebration of the anniversary of the end of the war, especially when veterans are becoming fewer. Nevertheless, the true reason lies elsewhere, as in the case described the November holidays.

Think of the relationship between the parade and the so-called popular vote about changes in the Constitution. Of all the options considered (the first and eighth of July and the 24th of June or the beginning of September) was selected first of July, voting will take place a week after the parade. At that time, its mobilizing effect is still noticeable, especially when you consider that you can vote early and will be home for six days. Thus, the parade will be the Grand voting starts with a powerful positive impact.

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution has for the Kremlin great symbolic importance because it must ensure the ability of Putin to run for President again. Formally, the changes will take effect only in case of positive result of the vote. The list of changes included social clauses to provide the necessary support. Do not forget about the traditional “ingenuity” of the Russian election commissions during preparation and conduct of elections. So basically I’m afraid that almost no one will come to vote about the already solved case. The solemn atmosphere may help invigorate voters, who under the impression from other events are forgotten, which actually relate to constitutional changes. The Patriotic enthusiasm can increase attendance to an empty polling stations then not much contrasted with the announced results.

It is clear that the events may yet intervene, the epidemic of coronavirus. By the way, as usual the Russian leadership, no plan, no power of carefully considering all options and depending on developments working with them. The goal is to get enough support to amend the Constitution. Tool — military parade, which can be present both as a reminder of the struggle against fascism, and as a kind of victory over the current pandemic. Here are some of the cards are now played by Kremlin.