In Ukraine, simplified probate

2017 in Ukraine, the simplified probate – now local authorities are empowered to assure him that even without the involvement of a notary, writes

The decision was taken by the Ministry of justice and is fixed by decree No. 3595/5 from December 17, 2016, which includes the issuance of a certificate of right to notarial acts on registration of rights of inheritance.

The document spelled out the algorithm for issuing permits to authorized officials of bodies of local self-government in the Commission of notarial action in case of registration of rights of inheritance. Thus, officials of local councils got the right to notarize the inheritance of the citizens. The decree comes into force from the day of its official publication.

To carry out notarial activity, the official local authorities must provide a document confirming the existence of higher legal education and work in the field of law for at least three years.

The applicant must complete an internship during the year in the state notary office or at private notary, a training course on working with the single and state registers of the justice Ministry. Also it is necessary to pass the exam on inheritance law.