Abuser Klitschko Tyson fury renounced Gypsy roots

British heavyweight boxer Tyson fury on Sunday disowned Gypsy roots and changed his nickname in Twitter. Instead of the Gypsy King (the Gypsy king) fury made his nick Gorga Tys. Gorga is the word from Gypsy slang, meaning all neligan, according to boxing-mma.com

“I’m not a Gypsy. From now on, call me Tys Gorga. New 2017 starts. Just don’t feel like a Gypsy. I have a different faith, not corresponding to the Roma culture. I expose myself, I’m not Gypsies,” wrote fury on Twitter.

On Monday, fury said that the first day in a new capacity went well. “Great first day as a non-Gypsy. Life became easier and I enjoy it”.

At the end of 2015 Tyson fury won on points by Wladimir Klitschko and took the Ukrainian boxer all of his championship belts. Then in 2016 fury brought fight a rematch with Klitschko, and in the fall his body was discovered the cocaine and was disqualified.

I am no longer being a gypsy. from now on call me Tys Gorga, 2017 new beginning.

— TYS gorga (@Tyson_Fury) 8 January 2017 R.

I just feel I’m not a Gypsy, I don’t have the same beliefs as the gypsy culture, I denounce and I am a gypsy any longer.

— TYS gorga (@Tyson_Fury) 8 January 2017 R.

Loving my first day as a non Gypsy, this life is a lot easier, enjoying my life.

— TYS gorga (@Tyson_Fury) on 9 January 2017 R.