A survey among the “left” voters in France showed an unexpected result

Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls can count on leadership in the first round of the primaries of the left forces, however the risk of losing in the second, according to results released Monday of a survey Sofres Kantar One Point.

So if the first round were held today, the Waltz would have received 36% of the vote. Second would be former economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg (23%), the third is another ex-Minister Benoit Hamon (21%).

In the second round, according to the survey, Montebourg may expect to 53%, and Waltz – 47% of the vote.

In the case of duel in the second round between Waltz and Amon both candidates would get almost equal votes.

The organizers of the survey warn that in practice the outcome of the primaries will largely depend on voter turnout. So, Waltz on the low turnout, as in this scenario, the vote will be mostly supporting his most convinced supporters of the French socialists.

The first round of primaries will be held on 22 January, the second on January 29. The purpose of the event is to select a single candidate of the left forces to fight for the French presidency.

Current socialist President Francois Hollande refused to attempt to be re-elected for a second term.
However, despite the primaries, the left will not be able to fully unite in the election. In particular, Emmanuel macron, who replaced Montemuro on the post of economy Minister and then resigned, said that “primary” does not intend to participate.

As reported, in the second round of the primaries of the French center-right party, the Republicans, according to preliminary data, wins the 62-year-old Francois Fillon.