Muzhdabaev about the memorial service in Russia for the victims of the crash of Tu-154: What did not come-the Ukrainians prevented?

Deputy General Director of ATR channel the muzhdabaev commented in a Facebook message journalist Dmitry Molina that at the memorial service for the choir of the Alexandrov ensemble came to only about 50 people.

“The country in which you live most hypocritical people. That is, the rules in society are, and have to comply. I thought the temple will be under the roof is hammered, at least, representatives of the liberal community. They had to show inhuman Ukrainians, as it should really be mourning. Why didn’t you come? Then frost was not. Ukrainians prevented?”, noted Muzhdabaev.

Earlier in the blog on “echo of Moscow” Molin said that in elohovskom Cathedral at a memorial service on the ninth day after the crash of Tu-154 came only close family and friends. “No one in the stripes was not. Even the colleagues do not come – on the team and in the shop,” – said the journalist.

We will remind, the aircraft of the defense Ministry, on Board of which there were 92 people – the Russian military, the performers of the Alexandrov ensemble and the representatives of the Russian media, flying on new year’s concert in Syria – was wrecked on 25 December in the Black sea.