I am willing to pay any price for the fact that I wrote the novel “Airport”

“112”: Today, our guest is journalist, publicist, photographer, writer Sergei L. Loiko. Hello, Sergey. You write a new book. What?

Sergei L. Loiko: This is a novel. But first I want to say that now the Russian book market is crowded not fiction on the theme of “new Russia”. I decided to the problem of Ukraine after my novel “Airport”, after my articles to come on the other hand is to attract those readers whom the subject of Ukraine is not quite interested. I decided to this topic to approach in the form of a Thriller. It’s a Thriller with a plot about the fall of the “Boeing”, and the main character, through a corrupt former COP whose family are killed in this plane. He goes to Donbass and he begins to conduct his investigation. And then, when he has all he knew, he himself and the investigator, and the judge. And he takes revenge on everyone who is guilty in this disaster. This is all happening against the backdrop of this terrible criminal war that Russia unleashed in the East of Ukraine.

I will be printed in Russian in “bright books”, which is perfectly released the “Airport” and now they released the “Airport” in English. The translation has done an amazing American poet Alexander Segal. I even think that in English it turned out better than in Russian, in his account. I gave the first one eight chapters famous Moscow publishing house, and they said that they will publish, but will present it as a fantasy, ie, no dates. And now one Russian publishing house leads me talks about how to arrest the head of Putin from the “Airport,” any more things to clean, and they will issue “Airport” in Moscow. I’m not against it, because readers will begin to look for that relieved to find and read.

— And what about your kinoplanet for “Airport”?

Company Columbia Pictures and Sony offered me very good money contract. When I finished “Airport”, they offered me to buy a series of my articles about the war and the revolution in Ukraine and didn’t want to wait. And I realized that if I sell my rights on the articles, I will never be able to see his film on the novel. And although I very much lost in material terms, but there is a Hollywood Director and is already working on a screenplay for my novel “Airport”. And in this story also involved leading Ukrainian film Studio. It will be a great international project that I hope will be implemented.

— You have a lot of trouble due to the fact that you got involved in the war. You not regret it?

— Already agreeing to live, you send yourself to any trouble, regardless of the “Airport”. Maybe no one would have thrown me the exhaust pipe into the window, smoke bomb, no one would have attacked me in front of my television in Moscow… but would be some other trouble. I am willing to pay any price for the fact that I wrote the novel “Airport”. Roman turned to me in the main business of life. I even lost my job — forced me to become a writer.

— Many people pay the price for what is still going on. And who needs that? How will it end?

— In Russia there is a chronic stable obydlenie of the population.

— Do you agree that it says Shenderovich — has the collapse?

— Yes, it can be called decay. Russia itself is a country that is doomed, in any case, to decay. There’s a lot of contradictions. It is made in the likeness of the Stalinist-Leninist Union, which was created on a national basis, not by the U.S. system. Empire is torn by ethnic, national, economic and other contradictions, the more that goes to a dead end. Russia is at war because it is necessary as-that to explain to the population why are they so bad live: “We are surrounded by enemies.” And on the other hand, all this power elite is tied to the war and more economically — it’s crazy money. Under the war can be attributed to anything. In Russia, terrible roads, because they were stolen before they were built, but there can still figure out how to write off, and in war there is no limit to withdraw funds. Russia — a country in which a public servant Alexei Miller who heads Gazprom gets a day 100tysyach 3 million rubles.

— In Russia the last 300 years, the official is ruling class. Ukraine positions itself today as an alternative to that of the Slavic world, which did not accept that Russia has taken. We are moving to Europe, and Russia, whither?

— Russia does not move — it is falling rapidly, and the bottom is still not visible. Russia is stepping on the same rake as the Soviet Union. It is mired in the war in Syria is very similar to Afghanistan. The Soviet Union collapsed, including and Afghanistan. I think that Russia was very quick to celebrate the victory of the trump, because it came to power, the Republicans, and if we look at all anti-Russian laws, the initiators of all these things was the Republicans. They will give a fitting rebuff to Putin. Putin to the bone — Stalinist. But Russia is not isolated from the rest of the world, so it is impossible to put all and shoot them all. But a Stalinist to be quite possible: he uses Stalinist management measures in each area to scare everyone. Stalin, in the absence of Internet and television, to frighten, it was almost all killed, put in jail. And Putin should be put in one speaker, that all the Ministers were trembling, put a couple of the governors that all governors were shaking. After all, Putin needs only their loyalty and devotion, not that they work. The main product of Russia today is Putin. Nothing else Russia produces. Putin is the Emperor Nero. Of course, Russia is going nowhere, and, of course, all this will end very badly. The Kremlin and wrong all the time in foreign policy, because they believe all the other leaders of the same “boys” as they are. Please note the change to the language of the Russian diplomacy — Lavrov, Zakharov.

— The Internet was widely discussed your conflict with the photographer Murawski. What, from your point of view, it is permissible in journalism, photography, journalism, and what is unacceptable?

— Murawski — not a journalist, but his picture came out in the media, and even Carl Bildt used it to show that in Ukraine there is a such a terrible war. But he was not at war, so looking at this photo, he may think that this is a war. And the people who were in the war, including your Ukrainian photographers immediately saw what a complete mess. If it’s to show the world, the world will say that you’re lying, and no war you have. That is why he was expelled from the Ministry of defense, but he actually committed a crime. The crime is that he is this bullshit shot not in the pavilion, and came to the front line fighters forced to run on the front line, sweep the street, to portray the characters. And then, when the photographers said it was crap, he went to these guys and forced them, using official position, to lie on camera that they really tried to save their comrade and carry him from the blast. If you go to war and take photos — no need to invent anything. You can’t try for Russia to win the world Cup lies. Russia is Brazil on the game in a lie. And in this game you’re always playing on their pitch. With Russia can be fought only with the truth. Murawski’s just a mistake and he had to admit his mistake, and he continued to lie. Thank God that during these video clip “shooting” no one was hurt. In Afghanistan during the U.S. operation in 2001, a Western journalist-a newsman came to the position with artillery, and there was a truce, and asked the Afghan calculating a shot to the side of Kabul, which was then occupied by the Taliban. They said they can’t because the truce. He gave them a hundred dollars, well, they shot a couple of times — those shot in response. People died, the shooting started. This is unacceptable.

— Once you have experienced a difficult situation in life, have you changed your opinion about people in General? When you enter the fray first, what are you waiting for?

— In a fight you cannot join first if you are a reasonable person, we need to find ways to avoid it. You need to talk to the end. Putin always gets into a fight first, and he, moreover, it organizes and comes up with. Because of all these terrorist acts, insane victims could not be, if they were not organized, and the next stage did not engage in a fight first. It was possible to rescue all the hostages in the school, then in the “Nord-OST”. So in a fight I prefer to be number two — if you hit me, then I can answer. I have not changed my view of human kind. I myself do not consider myself a perfect person. I lost a lot of friends in Russia due to “Krymnasha.” Now position the smart, intelligent people that support the “Krymnash”: “there’s just nothing We can do, we want to keep your job, so let’s not talk about it to talk”. This is the softest position. The other position — they convince themselves that their situation is hopeless. Now is not the father of the nation, which makes them all of these “heroic deeds” of Hercules, he returned them to the Crimea. And the Crimea, in a pocket will not put and will not go with him somewhere. The Crimea where he was, there was, and still comes back to Ukraine. Putin has just deceived the people, instead of to give them a good life, he gave himself and friends “Krymnash”.

Thank you.

Sergei L. Loiko graduated from the Institute of foreign languages. Maurice Thorez. Until the early journalistic career he served in rocket forces of strategic purpose. Then taught English. Nominated for a Pulitzer prize 2015. Winner of the prestigious American award, OVERSEAS PRESS CLUB BOB Trinidad hay AWARD “For courage, authenticity, depth and expressiveness described”. Award-winning Los Angeles Times Editorial Award for “Best stories of 2014”. Was at the Donetsk airport, when it was defended by the legendary “cyborgs”. The author of the novel “Airport”.