If Obama is a Muslim, then the tramp — Russian spy?

Firstly, I want to remind you that for the past nine years, some Americans, including elected President of the USA, claimed that Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya.

For many years Donald trump has been steadily demanding from Obama that he proved that he was born in Hawaii and not in the African nation, which was home to his biological father. Obama’s statement that he professes the Christian faith, failed to convince supporters of trump, which obviously masterfully know how to distinguish Christians from non-Christians.

Moreover, there is no logical reason to assume that the young man who has lived for some time in a particular country — say, Indonesia — become the dominant religion of this country. On the contrary, having such an experience, he may come to the conclusion that although people worship to their gods, in essence, we are all the same. And we should not listen to the cruel and absurd assertion that, if the person is a Muslim, he must be “bad.”

The ability to respect other people regardless of differences — is one of the hallmarks of an enlightened person and one of those characteristics required of a good leader. However, supporters of the trump interpreted lenient attitude to Obama’s 1.6 billion Muslims as evidence of his latent desire to strengthen the position of Islam in the United States — in spite of the military operation of Obama, the result of which was destroyed quite a lot of “bad actors” who called themselves Muslims.

It is worth noting that those who doubt Obama, is not imbued with suspicion, when President George W. Bush visited the mosque immediately after the September 11 attacks. They also have not expressed any concern on how blithely trump reacted to the attacks of Russia on the United States.

Given past experience and new data, isn’t it time to declare trump a Russian spy?

No, I don’t think he is a spy, because, unlike trump, I’m not affected by crazy ideas. But what about double standards? In similar circumstances, how many would take time to Obama was called a traitor for what he is trying to protect the country, interfering in our democratic electoral process?

For a few seconds.

Hard to believe that the man who will soon become our President for a long time believed the rumors bordering on paranoia and distributed by the conspiracy theorists, whose search for the truth stops there, where the face of the facts and willful ignorance.

It horrifies.

What now? That is obviously a conspiracy of the Russian authorities, hackers and spies, trump continues to call the allegations of intelligence. Why is he doing this? Is he so vulnerable that simply can not accept the point that he could benefit from these cyber attacks? Or he knew about them in advance and now doesn’t want it surfaced? It starts with a conspiracy theory. And again, I repeat: sometimes a conspiracy is just a conspiracy, but a fool is a fool.

Let’s think about what we know. The best experts in our intelligence agencies say that the hacker attacks on the national Committee of the Democratic party is Russia. Trump, who has long expressed her admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, in this doubt.

Obviously, trump insists that he won an honest and fair election. Allegations of Russian interference hurt his ego. But is this the case?

Go ahead. Trump is ready to find common language with our geopolitical enemy number one, than to believe the words of the best representatives of our nation. Moreover, he stated that he will not be acquainted with daily summaries of intelligence, and, according to rumors, preparing to cut our security Agency.

Please tell me, whose side is this man? When was the last time you asked this question about a favourite US President?

On Friday, January 6, trump was found with these American spies who tried to put him in the swing of things. However, the question of whether or not trump is to listen to them, still remains open. Judging by his statement he made after the meeting.

Thursday, 5 January, James Clapper (James R. Clapper), the Director of National intelligence, told the Senate Committee on armed services that his Agency “is now even harder than convinced” and that trump is detrimental to American intelligence. Moreover, former CIA Director James Woolsey (James Woolsey) left transition team trump in protest against the fact that his opinion does not want to listen.

In General, if the President-elect continues to persist in his denial of the obvious by siding with the enemy against the interests of his country, it can be concluded that trump himself is a threat to national security.

In Russia it is called betrayal.