“I went through hell”: the 22-year-old fitness model shared how she overcame anorexia

American Annalis, Miller won anorexia, which almost killed her. She tells all of this in various interviews and in social networks.

According to her, a couple of years ago, she was on the verge of life and death, when the scale showed 27 lbs., Miller shared a personal story of transformation from a victim of anorexia in the fitness model.

The girl struggling to gain weight. At an average rate of 18-23%, the fat content in the body, Miller three years ago was equal to only 3%. In 2014 Anna was like a skeleton with skin. She lost her periods, started having problems with sleep, and also has anemia and osteoporosis. Then she realized that she is one step away from death.

“I always thought that I’m not thin. I’ve been training a lot and hardly ate anything. And I was dying. I didn’t sleep, suffered from constant feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. I went through hell. It was a very difficult time. But now I feel much better,” says Annaleis.

She is now passionate about sports, eats right, loves showing off abs and weighs 49 pounds, continuing to add.

same shorts, same human; happier soul. except i can’t wear these shorts in public now bc they are basically underwear and there’s a whole vegan pizza in my belly on the right daily reminder that you can and will do anything and everything that you manifest. to God, the Universe, Buddha, yourself–whatever you believe in. when you have a vision or a goal for yourself it is absolutely without a doubt possible. i wasn’t taking those photos left because i thought i looked cute. lol. no. i took those photos because i knew there would be a time where i could see how far I’ve come. and how cool that it’s now!!! like i am one proud, accomplished human and I’ve been through the absolute darkest hell imaginable and i stand here today (ok tbh I’m sitting on the toilet not standing) with a smile on my face, flesh on my bones and light in my eyes. life is such a miracle you guys. I’m so grateful for it all. just for everything. inb4 OMG R U COLD HAHAHA no my nipples are always like that i swear on my life i could be in a sauna and they would be showing

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(Nov 2016-June 2017) it may not be #transformationtuesday but it is #humpday and despite the obvious physical change is an incredible mental change. i used to be scared to wear crop tops even tho i had an EIGHT pack because i worried that if i sat down my stomach would have rolls. (???) now, i weigh 60 more pounds and i wear a crop top more days than not and give zero fux. not only do i love my body more than ever and feel so much gratitude that i was able to live through 5 years of weighing less than half of what i should have, but i am determined to help anyone and everyone that is in the place that i was in the left photo and the second 2 photos. it’s why i do what i do–why i put myself out there online on youtube and why am i transparent and vulnerable with countless strangers. i want to help as many people as i can. i was given a second (and third and fourth) chance at life because i have a purpose; that purpose is to spread awareness and help those who can’t help themselves at the moment. my transformation video will be up on my youtube tonight. make sure to subscribe annie mishler

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60 lbs –> 110 lbs. for once i will spare you the long, feelsy caption because this photo can speak for itself. #transformationtuesday

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