McCain: every American should know about the threats from Russia

Republican Senator John McCain, head of the U.S. Senate Committee on armed forces, said that every citizen should know about the threats from Russia, reports UNN with reference to BBC.

On Thursday, a Senate Committee began hearings on investigation of cyber threats from foreign governments in the United States.

“There is no more vital national security issue for the United States than the ability to hold free and fair elections without outside interference. Therefore, Congress should set aside party differences, to respect the facts and work together to develop integrated solutions, protection and possible response to cyber attacks,” said George.McCain, opening a hearing.

At the same time, he noted that the investigation does not aim at reviewing the results of the presidential election.

“Russia is an active participant in cyberspace, which represents a major threat to the US government, military, diplomatic, commercial and other important infrastructure,” – said in a statement signed by the Director of National intelligence James Clapper, the Director of the national security Agency, USA Michael Rogers and Deputy head of the Pentagon on intelligence issues Marcel Lettr.

Earlier, the head of the CIA, John Brennan, was broadcast on American TV channels told about the preparation of the report to the CIA, dedicated to the likely intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election. Presentation of the report on Tuesday was postponed, which caused skepticism from elected President of Donald trump.

D. trump is also supported by the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, who accused the Democratic leadership in the peaceful attitude to cyber defence and expressed concern regarding the interference of the Russian hackers in the U.S. elections.

In an interview with Fox News, Mr Assange said that the accusations against Russia is nothing more than an element of American political struggle.