Trump on the meeting with us intelligence: Learned a lot for myself

The US President-elect Donald trump, who met with the leadership of American intelligence, which have informed him about the “Russian hackers”, refused to comment on the accusations against Russia, reported the Agency “associated press”.

“It really was a great visit, I really liked these people,” trump said in response to a direct question of the Agency, did the leaders of the American intelligence community to convince him that a Russian hacker attacks contributed to his victory in the presidential election.

The President-elect added, “I learned a lot for myself, I think they are too.”

As noted by the Agency, “trump did not detail what evidence (Russian intervention – ed.) he was charged, only said that he learned many secret things.”

However, after the meeting, he said that hacker attacks had no effect on the outcome of the presidential election in the United States.

“Russia, China, other countries and foreign groups and people are constantly trying to break the digital infrastructure of our governmental institutions, companies and organizations, including the national Committee of the Democratic party, but no effect on the result of the election was not, nor was the hacking of voting machines,” – said in a statement, trump released following the meeting.

As noted by the President-elect, hacker attacks were made against the National Committee of the Republican party, however, according to him, the Committee had before it a “strong means of protection from hackers, and the hackers did not happen.”

In a statement on Friday, the report of the US intelligence stated that the Russia’s leadership with the help of hacker attacks trying to discredit the candidate in US presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton and to create the conditions conducive to election victory elected President of the USA of Donald trump, the report said US intelligence.

“Our assessment is that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and the Russian government has sought to help the elected President (Donald) Trump to increase the chances of elections, where possible, the discrediting of Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, making public her dislike of him,” reads the unclassified version of the report circulated Friday.

Thus made a reservation that the CIA and FBI have a “high degree of confidence” in that, while the Agency for national security – “a moderate degree”.