UFC President embraced the loser of Ronda rousey 45 minutes: “My jacket was covered in blood”

UFC President Dana white said that after the fight, Ronda rousey and Amanda Nunes went to the locker room Rosie and consoled her for 45 minutes.

“My fucking jacket was covered in tears, blood and snot. After the fight I went to the locker room to Rosie and hugged her 45 minutes. I said to her, “I love you so much that despite whatever decision you make, will bring you back. You built all this. It can’t live without you. You’re the best decision I ever made,” – said white in an interview with ESPN.

After the defeat Amanda Nunes has reported that Rosie can finish professional career, but Rhonda did not give a definitive answer: “I need some time to ponder the future. Thank you all for believing in me and understanding.”

Rosie returned to the cage after a 13-month hiatus and was knocked out in 48 seconds after the start of the fight. ·The assets of the Rhonda 12 victories in 14 fights.