American readers: the passion we want to hear about Russia something bad

In comparison with countries of Western Europe, where there has been a slight but steady decrease in the incidence of coronavirus, in Russia this figure is still high and in some regions even increasing. However, the authorities gradually soften the restrictions, imposed because of the pandemic. This decision was taken by the Russian authorities in connection with the need to provide for speedy recovery of the economy affected by the pandemic. According to the author of the article, given the fact that the daily increase in the number of infections in Russia is about nine thousand, rush to the weakening of the regime of isolation is not necessary, because it is unsafe.

The passion we want to hear about Russia anything bad, we just have to believe that you’ve done better than they are. Here you have the indicators. Russia: 425 thousand cases, 5 thousand died, 195 thousand recovered. In the United States: 1 870 030 cases were 107 thousand died, 420 thousand recovered. In any case, in whatever form Russia or would show the best results, sometimes you lose hockey match. It happens. Instead of having to post in the dust of others, how about try to figure out how to get better results next time. By the way, this is not Yeltsin 1990-ies, their healthcare system is much better.

Veronica 181
Do you really believe that Russia would manifest the true data about mortality, even if she had?

Russia… the birthplace of democracy

Ha! From 423 thousand infected died five thousand cases — when the health care system.

Thank you, Russia, for help in our “coup” against trump

I remember the first days when the mortality rate from coronavirus COVID-19 determined the degree of danger, and the country’s closed borders. Alarmists predicted that will actually kill millions of Americans, and not just receive a positive test result for the virus, the existence of which have many healthy Americans are not even aware. Projections COVID-19 was absolutely incorrect, and horror story, the danger with which he connected COVID-19, did not become a reality. And now with the same trouble talking about several cases. But mortality and morbidity is not the same threat level. Fear is control, and pandemic COVID-19 showed how tyranny can rise over American democracy.

I believe that trump has proven without a shadow of a doubt that almost everything that says who is Chinese absolute lie and complete opposite of what, on their advice, should do America!

Actually, the morons, the easing of restrictions and the increase in positive results are mutually exclusive. The more you do tests, the more likely positive outcomes.

According to world statistics, there is no sharp rise in the incidence no. For the past two weeks, she is stable and is at around nine thousand people per day. What data was used in writing this article? Those that gave the associated Press? W-well, yelling with laughter.