Valeurs actuelles (France): League for the protection of black Africans made a statement after the fire in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes

On Saturday, July 19, a fire in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes shook many believers of the Catholic Church and admirers of cultural heritage. But some have used this drama to condemn the slave trade. League for the protection of black Africans shocked many Internet users: “Oh! The fire in Nantes Cathedral?! The Cathedral, paid for by the slave traders of Nantes money from the sale of black slaves? What the Catholic Church did to prevent the dehumanization of our ancestors? No preaching, no bull from Pope Francis for black!”

We will remind that after the tragedy, the Catholic Church, shared his “great sadness”. Press Secretary of the Episcopal conference of France Thierry Magnin has not hide his emotions while speaking on the radio. Like many Catholics, he was shocked by the fire. The fire caused serious damage to the Cathedral, in particular completely burned largest organ of the XVII century. Mathieu Lurs, a historian specializing in the architecture of cathedrals, believes that the tragedy occurred that burned down one of the most beautiful organs in France. In the case of arson in the Cathedral, was detained 39-year-old native of Rwanda.

Oh! ? Feu sur #CathedraledeNantes?! La #Cathedrale payée par les négriers nantais par l’argent de la traite-esclavage?
Qu’on fait à l’@Eglisecatho pour empêcher la déshumanisation de nos ancêtres?
Pas un sermon ni une Bulle de @Pontifex_fr pour les NÉGRES! #LDNA
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— Ligue de défense Noire Africaine (@LDNAOFFICIEL) July 18, 2020