Russian tanks had entered Moldova

More precisely it would be that they did not come from Moldova. The independence of Moldova, 26 years old and all this time, in our territory there are Russian Armed forces. Not to be confused with the Russian peacekeepers. That’s another story.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Russia is holding in Moldova of a military base, but without any legal formalization of her status. Moreover, in 1999 Russia at the OSCE summit pledged to withdraw its troops, but failed to fulfill it. To this we must add that the base is located on the territory of Transnistria, which is de jure part of Moldova, but de facto not under its control. Let’s face it — Russia is connected with separatists and supports them, including by finding on the territory of its military bases.

But back to the Russian tanks.

The concept of “Russian tanks” in Moldova is much broader than the physical presence of those in Tiraspol.

In hybrid wars, tanks and planes in the first place. Capture (obedience) of other States begins with the use of other weapons.

One of the developers of the theory of hybrid wars, chief of the General staff of the armed forces General Gerasimov writes: “the Emphasis used methods of warfare is shifting towards broad use of political, economic, informational, humanitarian and other non-military measures implemented with the involvement of the protest potential of the population. All this is complemented by military measures disguised, including the implementation of measures of information warfare and the actions of special operations forces”.

“Gerasimov doctrine” gives us every reason to say that “Russian tanks” in Moldova is:

— periodically imposed embargo on Moldovan products exported to Russia;

— illegal military presence of Russia in Moldova (Transnistria);

— direct and indirect support of the separatists;

— recruitment “diplomats in mufti” of Moldovan citizens;

— Pro-Russian parties and public organizations;


— Media, Russian and serving the interests of Russia;


— the influence of agents and “useful idiots” working for the interests of Russia.

The most important victory of Russia in hybrid war against Moldova is a hit in Parliament of the party of socialists and the election of Igor Dodon, President.

The party of socialists and President Igor Dodon openly and defiantly support the interests of Russia in Moldova. For any reason they, even penetrating to the core issues, Express their solidarity with Russia and sharply criticizing the activities of the authorities.

Please note. The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, referring to the neutrality of Moldova, makes a lot of statements that he will not allow the opening of the civil office of NATO in Moldova. Let me remind you that NATO is not only military but also political Union. And never spoke about the Russian military contingent. As if it did not exist in Moldova. As the Donbass “ihtamnet”.

But they are present. Regularly conduct military exercises, often with the armed forces of the illegal and unrecognized PMR. And even during the exercises to overcome water obstacles. What could it be?

President Igor Dodon’s Party of socialists revolted 5 expulsion of Russian diplomats. Noticed how the socialist MEP, commenting on the event, with a sneer said that there can be no spies in Moldova, that there is nobody here to recruit, as we do not have any “nuclear” and “missile” secrets.

And who told him recruited to obtain secrets? No, were recruited to realise the effect of agents that will be able to influence the development of the political situation in Moldova. And this recruitment plus the open support of the separatists, based on the information that was leaked from the meeting of the Supreme security Council, was carried out by Russian diplomats in Moldova.

With the assistance of the President Igor Dodon and of the party of socialists in Moldova, openly Byzantine and Izborsk clubs.

What is this organization?

Byzantine club

Of the mission statements of the Byzantine club:

Moldova to recognize the strategic reference point of Russia in the Balkans.

To preserve the free access to the Russian media on the Moldovan media market.

To achieve out of Moldova of the Association Agreement with the EU.

Participants in the Byzantine club convince citizens that an anti-Christian project of European integration in Moldova has no future. VC also supports the recognition of such status of Transnistria, which will influence domestic and foreign policy of Moldova.

On the website of the Byzantine club, you can read that while most new Russia (from Kharkov to Odessa) will not have the right to preserve and protect their Russian identity, Russian culture and Russian language, and the right to be an integral part of a “Russian World”, that region has no future.

I wonder how this kind of publication examines the Moldovan branch of the Byzantine club?

One of the major problems of VK — active propaganda against the European choice of Moldova. According to the head of the Byzantine club in Moldova Vladimir Bukarsky: “the European project has maximum degradation, de-industrialization, depopulation and de-Christianization, the seizure of the country by foreign companies and the transformation in their colony, the transformation of the original peoples of Ions and Ivanov, not remembering kinship. The European project is a national humiliation and loss of national identity.”

And further: “this is the way European “partners for development”, which should have been called “partners of degradation,” and their Moldovan counterparts are trying to impose on Moldova. We answer emphatically “no.”

There is no desire to comment on these obvious stupidity.

Of course, Bukarsky and his comrades in the Club would not represent any danger for Moldova, if behind them were not Moscow and in Chisinau the President of Moldova and the Party of socialists.

In addition to the Byzantine club in Kishinev the Izborsky club.

Izborsky club

The members of this club, both from Moldova, and Russia, and also filled with hatred for Europe. Sometimes their anti-Europeanism loses all common sense. I quote from the speech on one of the forums of the Club of Bishop Markel: “We resisted (we are talking about the Second world war — approx. author), as well as today, the whole of Europe. Then the whole of Europe suffered from fascism, all European governments hired a servant to Hitler. The entire European economic and military power fell upon the Soviet people, like an avalanche. Only together we can resist the threat that is coming from the West.”

I would like to remind the Marcellus, after the outbreak of the Second world war until 22 June 1941, the Soviet Union actively cooperated with Nazi Germany. Germany, which bombed British cities, invaded France, and other European countries. Moreover, with the Nazis, the Soviet Union divided Poland and sent troops to a number of European countries.

Read this: “it is enough a short blow at Poland from the German army, then red army, so that nothing is left of this ugly offspring of the Versailles Treaty.” These words were spoken on the 31st of October 1939, two months after the outbreak of the Second world war, when Hitler and Stalin dividing Poland, signed the “Treaty of friendship and border”. Said them the people’s Commissar of foreign Affairs V. M. Molotov

Yes, Chamberlain and other European politicians gave Hitler Czechoslovakia and Austria. But they’re nothing exciting. And Stalin shared with Hitler Europe. And many in Europe have not forgotten.

And one should know Markel. England almost immediately supported by the Soviet Union in the war against the Nazis. For help also came US that could sit back from the war overseas. And the Soviet Union rendered great help as on the part of England and especially the United States. Even Stalin said that without this assistance the war the Soviet Union would not have won. But Marcelli it’s all forgotten. Europe and the United States for their enemies.

© RIA Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin | go to Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, during a meeting in the Kremlin. 17 January 2016

Surprisingly, Markel echoed by Igor Dodon: “Today our countries have common challenges — it is primarily the expansion of the West, seeking aggressively to impose our standards and values”.

Alexander Prokhanov highlights the special role of the Izborsk club: “Our Izborsky club is a weapon. Because the ideology in the modern world is a weapon.”

Speaking in Chisinau, Prokhanov said: “as the revival of the Russian state, it will go back to where it forced a terrible accident in 1991. And your region — Moldova, Transnistria, Gagauzia, Romania is extremely important for Russia. And we, the Russian state back to the region. It is a question not of the future, and largely held now.”

According to Prokhanov Russia should aim to preserve Moldova in the Russian political, geopolitical, cultural-historical, religious-philosophical influence.

The result, says Prokhanov: “Transnistria in the face here is such a Pro-Russian Moldova will have your brother and neighbor, not excluding that, in the end, Transnistria can be integrated into the new Eurasian, Pro-Russian Moldova, which will not cause rejection from bravely fighting the West, the people of Transnistria”.

To-Westernism encourages Moldovans another member of the club Izborsk — Nikolai Starikov. He said: “From the West, it is proposed the rejection of their traditions, language, from its name, from the state, from the faith. In return, it offers the Chimera of “liberty”. Freedom of what? Freedom sale on the European market that it’s impossible to sell it because there are these products no one needs?”

The surprise is the statement Starikov about the West’s attempts to force Moldova to give up their language, traditions, faith. Where he found these attempts?

About the marketing of products. Interesting logic. In rich Europe Moldovan goods are not wanted. So why should they be Russians, who live much poorer than EU citizens?

Acting for dancers the Russians socialists quickly grasped what was required from them. Now the Deputy of the socialist Bogdan Tirdea said: “All the world development is shifting to the East… So we of Eurocentrism we need to shift to a new geopolitical paradigm, where today the technology is evolving, where the most rapid economic growth and where the formation of new centers and authorities, and power and influence. And this is the zone of the Eurasian Union”.

Very interested to know which countries of the Eurasian economic Union are developing technologies in which rapid economic growth, where new centres of authority, power and influence?

Soon Institute an effective policy will prepare a report “Choice of Moldova: the EU or the Eurasian economic community”. On the basis of a report will be prepared lecture and brochure. We will carry out a comparative analysis of the two unions. Let the public, after reading our material, determines where economic growth and technology.

Hybrid war against Moldova yielding results. In fact, today we have like three of Moldova. Two of them is Transnistria and Gagauzia. Yes, Gagauzia, which is rapidly disappearing under Russian influence. Recently, the people’s Assembly of Gagauzia and the “Supreme Council of PMR” signed the agreement on mutual cooperation, which in fact, is openly separatist Pact aimed at deepening the split of Moldova.

A significant role in the success of the hybrid war is played by the Russian media. I am against any bans Russian media outlets operating through a satellite dish or the Internet. But the cable networks of Moldova must be cleaned from the Russian propaganda content. We are talking about news and analytical programs. And, of course, must be preserved cognitive and cultural program, various non-political shows, feature films…

But the most important is the development of Moldovan television, including broadcasts on Russian language.

Sure, sooner or later we have relations with Russia will improve. And we’ll forget about hybrid wars, forget about problems, introducing discord into our relationship. But this will happen only if Russia will recover from its Imperial phantom pain, will reject the ideas of revival of the USSR.

Moreover, like a few years ago (before the Crimea and the Donbas), I’m willing to be convinced to develop relations with Russia, which, together with us, with other countries, build a Greater Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. With Russia, which will solve problems with Ukraine’s Crimea and Donbas. But it will be new Russia. And today when I criticize the policy of Russia Putin, I hope that this criticism need Russia, we need those citizens who understand that the current government robs them of their future.