Why feet get cold and what to do with it

Due to the anatomical and physiological characteristics more than any other parts of the human body cold limbs, usually legs. This is due to the fact that one’s feet almost no adipose tissue and muscle very little. Therefore, in cold weather, if your feet no warm shoes, they become cold due to the large heat transfer. Some people get cold feet, not only in cold season but even in the summer heat. Likar.info writes about why this happens and what to do in this case.

Why feet get cold

Vegetative-vascular dystonia. This conditional diagnosis 80% people. Disharmony in the work of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system leads to the dysregulation of vascular tone and internal organs, which often requires treatment with venotonic drugs (Detralex).

Low blood pressure. Hundreds of limbs – a fairly common problem hypotensive. Low blood pressure slows the blood flow, therefore, hypotensive patients are often cold.

Hypothyroidism. By reducing thyroid function in the body slows down all processes. For this reason, if you receive hypothyroidism chronic fatigue and feeling cold.

The Constitution of the body. Often the feet are cold astenikov – thin people with a narrow chest. Astenikov heart is small in size, making it unable to provide normal blood flow to the body.

Iron deficiency anemia. In this disease there is hypoxia. Tissue (including vascular) receive less oxygen, causing in the extremities (hands and feet) felt cold.

The bot. Parasites of the gastrointestinal tract produce toxins that affect vascular tone

Non-Smoking. It is known that nicotine can cause spasm of blood vessels.

Atherosclerotic changes of blood vessels. Cholesterol plaques prevent the normal flow of blood.

Back trouble. Cold feet can osteochondrosis, particularly when pinched nerve endings, which can lead to sensation of cold in the limbs, and even their numbness.

Taking certain medicines. Beta-blockers cause spasm of peripheral vessels, why the person feels the chilliness, especially in the limbs.

What to do if you get cold feet?

If you notice that even in warm weather, do you have cold extremities, it is best to consult a doctor in order to determine the exact cause of the symptom. By eliminating the cause-the disease, you will get rid of such problems like cold feet.

Here are a few guidelines that you should adopt to people who often have cold feet:

Train vessels. This will perfectly suit the contrasting treatments: douche or alternate lowering of the stop in the cold and hot water. Also useful are saunas and baths, where, after hot procedures are included dousing with cold water.

Exercise. Force yourself daily to exercise. To your taste you can choose Jogging, aerobics, fast walking, swimming, Cycling and other physical activity.

Try to get rid of bad habits. As mentioned above, nicotine causes vasospasm. Also negatively on the vascular system affects excessive alcohol consumption and coffee. It is better to exclude them from your diet.

Eat right. In the cold season often eat oily fish (mackerel, salmon, pangasius). When reduced hemoglobin give preference to products that contain large amounts of iron (meat, cocoa). To maintain the normal activities of the thyroid gland need iodine, contained in seaweed, sea salt, fish and seafood.

Follow the drinking balance. Drink plenty of fluids (30 ml per 1 kg of body weight). If you increase the amount of fluid intake, it will lead to increased blood circulation, respiration will become warmer.

Choose the right shoes. It is not necessary to wear shoes that fit snugly to the foot. This is especially true of winter shoes. So intense is the heat exchange with the environment, something you absolutely not need. The foot in the Shoe should feel free. If the shoes will be a little air space, then the leg will cool down slower.

Tempers. Spring and summer is an appropriate time to start tempering procedure. Start receiving air baths, gradually moving to the wiping and pouring water. So not only you can improve the tone of blood vessels, but also greatly enhance the body’s immune defenses.