Shooting in Istanbul: the survivors of the attack at the stadium were killed in the attack on the club

One of the victims of the attack on a nightclub in Istanbul was the man who survived 10 December double bombing near the city stadium, which killed more than 40 people, the newspaper writes Daily Sabah.

An armed attack on a night club Reina in Istanbul happened at new year’s eve. According to various media reports, people in costume of Santa Claus opened fire from a Kalashnikov. The Governor of Istanbul Wasip Sahin said that the attack was committed by a single terrorist. According to the latest information, the attack resulted in 39 people died and 69 were injured.

The employee of security service of Fatih çakmak was in the service at that moment, when a terrorist burst into the clubhouse, the newspaper said.

On December 10 in a Central district of Istanbul, beşiktaş stadium next to the “Vodafone arena” an hour and a half after the football match between the local “Besiktas” and “Bursaspor” from Bursa explosion of a car bomb. An explosive device was detonated by remote control when near the car bomb was a bus with police officers who provided protection of a football match and left the stadium area. Chakmak that day also was among those who monitored the security at a sporting event, the newspaper notes.

Later the interior Minister of Turkey, Suleyman Soylu said about the second explosion in the area of the stadium, which made a suicide bomber. The result of a double terrorist attack killed 44 people, including 38 police officers. Responsibility for the attack claimed by a radical Kurdish grouping “Hawks of freedom of Kurdistan”.