How to cook fruit and vegetable juices

The usefulness of fresh fruits and vegetables all already know. They contain all the necessary substances required for our body.

According to research scientists, conducted in the recent years, vegetables and fruits is a very valuable food for humans. And the juices that they get to see everything included in them, the main useful components, writes They are for the human body a variety of vitamins and minerals: fiber, bio-stimulants, organic acids, pectin compounds, aromatic substances, essential oils etc.

In addition, the nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables as well as juices made from them help in improving the metabolism and activity of enzymes, furthermore have a restorative effect on the body. That’s why these products are so widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of many diseases.

Depending on the content of vitamins, fruits and vegetables are divided into several groups. The first group includes fruits and vegetables, which are delivered to the body’s vitamin C, A and B2, fiber, sugar and minerals. These include: cabbage and tomatoes, peppers and parsley, lemons and oranges, grapefruit and currants, gooseberries, and raspberries, strawberries and wild berries.

The second group provides the body mainly carotene and vitamins C and B2, minerals, fiber, sugar. This group includes: tomatoes and carrots, apricots and cantaloupe, Brussels sprouts and parsley, leeks and red pepper, green pods of beans and peas, pumpkin and Rowan.

The third group of vegetables and fruits contains small amounts of vitamins and minerals, soluble in water, with positive effects on metabolism. This includes products such as: cucumber and beets, onions, celery and parsley, radishes, apples and pears, cherries, plums and grapes.

For making fruit and vegetable juices is necessary to observe some rules:

Fruits and vegetables need a good sort out, to only use quality and fresh.

They must also thoroughly wash them under running water, paying attention to the tubers, which are best cleaned with a brush.

Vegetables and fruits recommended to cut the skin.

Vegetables and fruits should be processed quickly so they don’t have time to lose valuable nutrients.

Peeled fruit washing is not necessary, but vegetables are better to wash.

Juices is advisable immediately before use.

Juices are allowed to drink in quantities that are required for the body – in this case, there are no restrictions. Usually to get buff, you must drink at least 600 ml per day.

Carrot juice is one of the richest in vitamins And drinks. It also contains vitamins such as C, b, D, E and K. This juice improves appetite, helps to normalize digestion and boosts immunity. It is often recommended for skin diseases and eye diseases.

Tomato juice is considered one of the most useful, because it improves the formation of gastric juice positively affects the activity of the heart. One glass of this juice contains half the daily requirement of vitamins C and A. It can be used in combination with the juice of pumpkin, apples and lemon.

Have a valuable therapeutic effect and these juices: beetroot, cucumber, potato, lemon, sorrel, pomegranate, Apple and many others.