Scientists have described how often to change bed sheets

Finally, scientists have figured out how often to change bed sheets. If you do not do this once a week, in your bed score key “microing”, which can be bad for your health, writes

We spend in bed, more than a third of life, and this place could very quickly turn into a “Botanical garden”, full of bacteria and fungi, said in an interview with Business Insider microbiologist from new York University Philip Thierno.

The human body produces almost a hundred liters of sweat. A warm and moist environment that is created in the bed, ideal for the reproduction of the culture of mushrooms. A recent study showed that in feather and synthetic pillows can thrive up to 16 species of fungi.

In addition to our own “micro-life” — of fungi and bacteria, the sources of which are our own sweat, saliva, mucus, dead skin cells, separation — we share the bed with alien microbes originating from pet hair, pollen, dust, remains and feces of dust mites and so on. All these biological deposits build up over the week. If you do not change the bed sheets, you could be allergic rhinitis and cough, since you actually breathe in all those germs that live in your bed.

Even if you have no allergies as such, the body will begin to react to incoming the respiratory tract foreign agents, said Thierno. If you already suffer from allergies or asthma, your condition will only worsen.