In Italy, the conductor lost his job for openly children the “terrible secret”

Italian conductor New year’s eve brought children to tears, but not his performance, but the recognition that Santa Claus does not exist, RIA Novosti reported citing a TV channel RaiNews24.

It is reported that during the music performance at the Rome Auditorium concert hall. After the presentation, happy children approached the stage to greet the artists, but they did not expect that they will be deeply disappointed… Until the children were happy meeting with the artists, dressed as their favorite characters, conductor Loprieno took the microphone and said: “Actually, Santa Claus does not exist.”

This phrase conductor brought tears in children and outraged adults. The dissatisfaction of parents has grown into a mass protest, which was widely discussed in social networks. As a result, the company-the organizer of the presentation decided to dismiss the head of the orchestra.

As reported, near Kiev opened the Main residence of Santa Claus. In the “Park Kievan Rus” took place the Grand opening of the program “Christmas tale” for children and adults. On the main lists of planned theatrical performance, which will involve not only actors, but also the guests of the Park. The theater of Ancient Kyiv has prepared a new production of “the King amuses himself”, which will be interesting and instructive not only for children but also for adults.