Expedition to the Kingdom of Santa Claus

Second cousin offered a 30-year-old Sandra Ayr (Sandra Andersen Eira) to go to the North pole. Now she struggles trains to be fully prepared when you start her expedition to the Kingdom of Santa Claus.

In April 2017, she goes on a long journey. Expedition, which can be compared to hard labor for a period of two weeks, not far off. Although the route starts just around the corner, she doesn’t know what awaits her in the snowy wilderness.

“I have to be prepared for the fact that I have to go skiing a week and a half. It will be a longer expedition than the expedition to Spitsbergen, which did not require special preparation,” says Eyre.

The sample for the expedition

Dream to go to the land of Santa Claus emerged several years ago. And now, it seems that she has finally come to life.

“What I really want to go on this expedition, I realized only this year,” says Eyre.

Accustomed to the steep nature of the lady has a family who repeatedly visited the northernmost point of the earth. The fact that the desire Aira will go on an expedition many children supported by her second cousin, Inge Solheim (Inge Solheim).

— Inge leads the expedition to the North Pole it was twenty times, even right now I cannot even remember the more accurate number. I spent my life watching what he was doing, and I always thought it was terribly interesting to watch what he’s doing.

— So he gave you such a challenge?

— Well, what do you mean challenge? He just thought that I should go with him to the North pole because it’ll be great, he said. I said Yes, for sure, but in fact did not even know what “signed up,” says Eyre.

The first Lapp at the North Pole?

Not every day, go to such an expedition. In order to achieve the goal, Ayr often have to train to be able to cope with problems that may arise along the way.

“To prepare I started this summer. Now the main priority is training, but in addition, I continue to work at their normal jobs. The main problem now is sleep.”

The very first person to reach the North pole, was Roald Amundsen, and Sandra wants to become the first Lapp who visit there. Her goal is to become the first who will stab you in the snow at the North pole of the Sami flag.

“As far as I know, none of the Sami was not at the North pole to me, and nobody seemed to raise the Sami flag. So what I want to do just that.”

“I want to represent my country as I call it, sápmi (Sápmi), and my people.