Israel is dissatisfied with the turn the situation in Syria in favor of Iran and Hezbollah

Strengthening the position of Iran and also the so-called “resistance Forces” as the main allies of the government army in Syria, caused strong resentment of Israel.

With the beginning of the month of Azar 1395 (November 2016 on the Iranian national calendar — approx. transl.), when the city of Aleppo came under the control of government forces of Syria, and extremist and terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra (banned in Russia organization, ed.), suffered a number of serious injuries from the Syrian army and resistance Forces, the situation for the extremists and their supporters have changed radically. More than just a turn of the situation in Syria and Iraq have alarmed America and the State of Israel.

Previously, these two States, as conceived by Washington and tel Aviv, formed the territory “of quasiseparable” IG (banned in Russia organization, ed.), next, however, and Iraq and Syria managed to strengthen its positions on combating terrorism and ISIS. As a result, terrorist groups had stripped the city of Mosul and the territory along the Syrian-Iraqi border.

While the US has made tremendous efforts in order for the sphere of influence of the IG will not turn in the sphere of influence of Forces of resistance, and Israel has even taken a number of armed attacks by attacking the positions of Syrian government forces in the area of Quneitra. However, it is actually the resistance has strengthened its position in all areas from the borders with Iran to the borders of occupied Palestine, and neither American nor Israeli leadership has achieved nothing. With the consolidation of the positions of the resistance Forces in Syria, the most revealing testimony came from the lips of the Prime Minister of Israel, Beniamin Netanyahu. According to the FARS news Agency, during Netanyahu’s visit to Paris, after a meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron, he said the following to Israeli journalists: “I (in conversation with Macron) raised the issue about Iran’s efforts to develop on Syrian territory permanent military bases, both on land and air and sea, and said that Israel opposes truce in Syria, which was the result of the agreements of the USA and Russia, because this situation, though, and keeps Iran far from the Syrian border, but it allows him to establish a permanent military presence in Syria.” And then Netanyahu said that such a scenario is if it will continue to evolve in this way, does not suit Israel.

Iran, according to Netanyahu, not only continues to be in Syria send military advisers and specialists, but seeks to establish its own military base, and it will dramatically change the balance of forces in the region. Therefore, the armistice agreement, which Iran is able to establish in Syria’s own military presence, tel Aviv is not satisfied.

Somewhat earlier, one of the Israeli officials in an interview with Haaretz said that the agreement on ceasefire in the South of Syria is very unfortunate, because it ignores “the needs of Israel’s border security”. Some time ago Russia and the US agreed on the establishment of the ceasefire in the three provinces of Deraa, Quneitra and As-Suwayda, in the South-West of Syria. Originally thought that this truce must also be taken into account the security requirements of Israel, but the leaders of this country tell a different story.

Meanwhile, government forces of Syria, continuing to develop successful offensive, could gain a foothold in an important oil-rich areas South of the city of raqqa. According to the President of Syria, Bashar Assad, the situation of the civil war strengthens corruption and the “atmosphere of mismanagement” in the country. At the same time the command of the Syrian armed forces announced that residents of the city and province of Aleppo, unable to return to their homes, because these areas have already provided full security.