Bolton: Introduced against Russia sanctions are not enough

Sanctions against Russia announced on Thursday that President Barack Obama is likely to nothing lead, said Friday morning the former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton (John Bolton). In his opinion, it is too weak a reaction to the Kremlin’s “attack on our constitutional system.”

Obama said that the United States will be expelled from the country for 35 Russian diplomats and will close two residential complex — one in Maryland and one in new York. In addition there will be imposed sanctions against the Russian intelligence services and companies. According to Obama, “our response to the aggressive activities of Russia that is not confined to”, but Bolton was still his decision is not excited.

“I don’t think it will have any effect-Bolton commented on the imposition of sanctions in the air Friday program “Fox & Friends” on Fox News. — Russian for eight years wiped about the Obama administration’s feet. It was a pitiful show. So what is the meaning of this outbreak of activity, it is difficult to say. I believe that we are talking about trying to drive the administration of the tramp in the corner, but it is unlikely to be successful. It’s just a presidential decree. If the President trump wants to cancel it, it will be easy to do.”

The sanctions could successfully play the role of a deterrent, the Russians will “feel the pain”, says Bolton.

Bolton blamed the Obama administration that it is “politicized” intelligence gathering his public statements during the presidential campaign and after it. Therefore, says the former representative to the UN, President-elect, Donald Trump, and those who will conduct the investigation at the request of Congress, you should first carefully consider the facts of the case.

Trump m in defiance of many in his party is actively trying to hush up the story with the Russian cyber attacks. Information about them, he connects with the attempts of the Democrats and the press to delegitimize his presidential rule even before it starts. The President-elect does not agree with opinion 17 of the Federal intelligence services that Russia was behind the cyber attacks on the American electoral system. Especially sharply it was opposed to the views of the CIA and the FBI that the purpose of these attacks was to help him win the election.

Manhattan billionaire, who promised to improve relations with Russia and praise Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday night that America “it’s time to do more important and interesting things” and stop focusing on the Russian cyber attacks. However, trump added that next week he’ll hear the reports of the intelligence community of the situation.

Bolton, who at one time was a candidate for Secretary of state in the administration of the trump, was critical of the unwillingness of the elected President — which, however, he did not mention directly — come to grips with the problem of Russian cyber attacks.

“Actually, we should put aside political considerations because, if the allegations of Russian operations correspond to the reality that happened was absolutely unacceptable, said Bolton. — It was an attack on our constitutional system. You need to understand that you can’t just say: “Well, on the outcome of the elections is still not affected” — and leave it at that. You see, even if the Russians acted illiterate or has not done enough, we are not from this easier.”

“If Japan attacked pearl Harbor, but none of its bombs and torpedoes did not hit the mark, no American was killed and no ship drowned, except we would assume that nothing important happened?— he continued. — No, what they attempted — if true — should worry us in itself, even if they failed”.