Named the fastest SUV in the world

Last fall for the annual American tuning show SEMA, the Japanese company Toyota has built the Land Cruiser with the capacity of 2000 horsepower, and now it was able to accelerate to an incredible 370 km/h, – the “Popular Mechanics”.

Of course to achieve such impressive results, the engineers had to work hard. Standard Land Cruiser for the American market the 5.7-liter V8 engine received two huge Garrett turbine the size of a beach ball, causing the power off, named Land Cruiser Speed reached 2,000 horsepower.

The car received a custom gear box ATI Performance Products, and a set of aerodynamic elements of the body, but the biggest problem was, of course, the higher centre of gravity of Toyota Land Cruiser. Possible to lower the body on the ground, had to revise the layout of many units.

The result is Toyota called in absentia built in a single copy 2000-horsepower Land Speed Cruiser is the fastest SUV in the world, because its estimated maximum speed was 354 km/h! Now the Japanese finally decided to find out whether this is so. For this, they went on the runway in the American Mojave desert and put him behind the wheel of a NASCAR racer Carl Edwards.

The result exceeded all expectations: in the four-kilometer-long direct the pilot managed to disperse the mighty Land Cruiser Speed up to 370 km/h! This is an absolute record maximum speed among SUVs, although representatives of the Guinness Book of records refused to register, citing the fact that the car is made in a single copy.