Named the scariest place in the world

Les Hoya-Baciu is located in Transylvania, also known as Bermuda triangle of Romania, headed the list of “the 18 most dreadful places that will not let you sleep at night.”

It is reported TASS with reference to the entertainment website

According to the newspaper, the Romanian forest caused great interest of users in the world, he was liked more than 20 thousand people. Also this place is associated with many legends about people disappearing without a trace, aliens, and failing electronics.

In addition, the rating of the worst places in the world entered the French village of Oradour-sur-Glane, which was destroyed by the Nazis in June 1944 with 642 residents. Now there is ruins; near rebuilt the commune, which was called the same.

However, one of the positions in the list went to the Irish leap castle. The owners O Carrolli, according to Wikipedia, they invited their enemies to dinner under the pretext of reconciliation, and then killed them right at the table or in bed after the feast. Under the dining hall was a dungeon, in which unsuspecting guests fell through the hatch in the corner. At the bottom were sharp sticks, if someone “missed”, he was left to die among the rotting corpses.

The rating also hit the town Jatinga in India, where every year in September-October, commit suicide hundreds of birds, an abandoned Disneyland in China, an unfinished subway in Cincinnati (USA) and a gas crater in Turkmenistan, which is called the “Gateway to hell”.