The state of Cliche in the Chechen prison is getting worse – the lawyer

The mental state of the Ukrainian Stanislaus Cliche, sentenced to 20 years in Russian prisons on charges of participation in the Chechen war, continues to deteriorate. About this on his page in Facebook wrote to his lawyer At Dokka who visited Cliche on Thursday.

According to him, he has failed to talk with the Ukrainian because he is constantly talking about things off topic. “We talk obviously did not happen. To me the reason is clear and understandable – Stanislaus disease progresses. Yes, and in jail all perfectly understand that man is sick. Treat this situation with the realization that they need to endure, as to the admixed policy. When they left, the officer at the door tells me that he left because he was afraid, as though Stanislav at me, not attack” – he wrote.
At added that the transfer of Cliche may be held immediately after the holidays. “If in the jail of Grozny understand what Stanislav is sick, where will get him, just do not understand neither the prison staff nor prisoners faced Stanislav. Can be serious trouble,” he said.

Recall that in may, a Russian court sentenced Cliche to 20 years in prison, and another Ukrainian – Mykola Karpiuk – to 22.5 years. In Russia believe that Ukrainians fought in Chechnya against Russia.

The indictment stated that the Karpuk led the squad “Viking”, who fought against the Russian army in Chechnya. Supposedly his subordinate Klyh 22 years ago he personally killed four Russian soldiers and former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the former squad, shooting at the Russians from a Kalashnikov, about 10 times.

Both Ukrainian all accusations categorically deny. According to them, they have never been in Chechnya and did not participate in the fighting.

Authorized the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights Valeria Lutkovska asked the Russian Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova to assist to Cliche transferred to the colony closer to the Ukrainian border.

Lawyers Cliche repeatedly said that his mental state is unstable due to the torture which was applied to him during interrogation.