Not having to do with Russia? Are you sure?

The owners of Nord stream are: Gazprom 50% (Gazprom 51% owned by the Russian government), the German company Wintershall 15.5 percent (owned by the listed company BASF), German E. on 15.5%, and Dutch state company Gasunie 9% and French listing Engie 9% (in the company one third owned by the state).

Policy of the Swedish party KD Blekinge promote the line, according to which even the four European companies that sell gas and are on the Board of the project pose a security threat Sweden.

Meanwhile, it is quite normal that the boards of these companies want to secure delivery of gas to its customers. The problem is that the old pipeline is not working as it passes through the territory of Ukraine, which does not want to pay for gas to the supplier.

You completely forget trying to convince others to stop trading with countries that do not fit into your ideology.

I’ve been watching this topic and found two things. The first is the lying Western propaganda, which is managed by a friend of Biden from the United States, and who want Europe to not buy Russian gas, and that it is beneficial.

You take this propaganda at face value and behave in 1928, the harsh period of our history, when Russia had to hate struggling.

Wipe finally eyes and see who what is actually threatened. Not to allow any European company to use its ports is to be against free trade and movement within the EU.

The second question I want to ask these gentlemen: should we ban all cargo ships from Russia come to our ports? How are you then going to deal with our demand for oil, because we get a huge amount out of this country?

As for building weapons, which is happening in Russia, so it is quite natural. I would have done the same if I threatened the world’s largest military organization — NATO.

Do you know how many bases it has built around Russia?

I don’t think. After all, you are happy to swallow the propaganda and bow organization under the leadership of the US bombing pushed several countries into the stone age and armed ISIS, because I didn’t want to invade Syria itself.

So you should slightly correct your line and try to hold to the truth and not to continue the false propaganda.