Rebelión (Spain): Colombia, USA and mercenaries in another failed military attack against Venezuela

On the morning of 3 may, the government of Venezuela prevented the landing of mercenaries in the coastal zone of La Guaira, near Caracas. They arrived by boat from Columbia. Eight of them were destroyed, and two (one of them a CIA agent) arrested.

“If someone has doubts about the involvement of the Colombian government to these actions, let him remember, as had been mercenaries in the country,” said Diosdado Cabello, President of the National constituent Assembly (loyal to President Maduro, the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela — Prim. ed.) of Venezuela. He wondered about the sources of financing of mercenaries and said that the RAID involved the Colombian government, the US ruling circles, the staff of Management on struggle against drugs of the USA, as well as associated with the drug mercenaries.

An attempt has been made at the time of tightening pressure from the United States. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that he ordered to develop plans for the resumption of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, since the change of government (i.e. the overthrow Maduro — approx. ed.) is not far off. On Thursday last week, President trump has signed the order about how to use units and reservists to participate in some anti-drug operations, one of the epicenters of which are located in the Caribbean sea.

Elliot Abrams (Commissioner trump for regime change in Venezuela, participated in many operations of U.S. intelligence in Latin America in the 1980-ies — approx. ed.) says that the number of supporters of Maduro in his inner circle has shrunk. And many members of the circle entered into negotiations with the US administration to discuss a plan of transition to democracy, proposed by the state Department.

After hearing these statements, the opposition led by Juan Guido again hastened to declare about the imminent departure of Nicolas Maduro and the subsequent formation of the transitional government.

However, as the Americans do in the event of any failure, the U.S. administration hastened to dissociate themselves from Sunday’s events, since there is no internal consensus to implement such attacks by mercenaries due to pandemic covid-19, swept the country. The media reacted critically to militant signals emanating from the White house, stressing that such a scenario is a mistake and will not get support in society.

However, adhering to right-wing journalist Patricia Poleo published in the United States a copy of the contract to conduct a military operation in Venezuela, where you can see the signature of Juan Guido, H. H. Rendon (Venezuelan journalist, worked as an Advisor to several Colombian presidents), Sergio Vergara and Jordan Gudra (a recruiter of mercenaries). “Juan Huido not fulfilled their promises,” said Goodro.

Hybrid warfare

According to experts in geopolitics, what happened at dawn on Sunday 3 may, should be considered in the multidimensional context of total war, waged against the constitutional Venezuelan government with assassinations and covert operations (the so-called “black operations”). In this series is, for example, an attempt taken on March 26, 300 mercenaries headed by former military cleaver Alkali to cross the Western border of Venezuela through the Colombian province of La Guajira.

It is worth Recalling that the American advisers in the field of security has persistently promoted the thesis of controlled chaos, that is, on promoting large-scale public disorder, accompanied by failures in work of municipal services (water, energy, transport) and provision of food. This must lead to a social explosion or separation of a significant part of the country, which directed these actions.

Military provocation has not ended. You can expect new incursions of militants given the fact that a land border with Colombia stretches over 2 200 kilometers, as well as the geostrategic plans of the United States, coming from significant oil reserves in the lake Maracaibo (28 billion proven barrels) in the Gulf of Venezuela (560 billion proven barrels).

Washington advocated a mediated war, that is war by proxy, when fighting the armies of other countries. Do these countries play the role of bridgeheads. Or to deal with undesirable regime recruited mercenaries from private security companies, which reduces costs in the event of a possible failure — after all, operated not by the US forces. And so no one doubted who was giving the orders, Donald trump has put a price on the head of President Nicolas Maduro: $ 15 million.

It alkali (it is now in the hands of Management on struggle against drugs of the USA) reported Colombian media that the attack was stipulated in the contract signed, the American private security enterprises and the self-proclaimed interim President of Venezuela Juan Guido.

It is obvious that the American press has tried to silence or diminish the value of these statements Alcalá, but they were once again at the center of public attention after the statements living in the United States of Venezuelan journalist Patricia Poleo that Skype has interviewed former American soldier Jordan Goodro recruiting mercenaries.

Thus, received confirmation of the charges of the Venezuelan government in the financing of terrorist groups, to kill politicians who supported a constitutional government. It is also significant that spoke in support of the landing of mercenaries on the coast of Venezuela, and fugitives from justice, former Deputy hernán alemán.

March 31 was an attempt to attack a ship of the Navy of Venezuela with the use of landing boats of the Portuguese cruiser Resolute. The cruiser has docked at belonging to the Netherlands Antilles. Apparently, there is carried out logistical support for the attacks of the insurgents on 3 may.

Rambo contract

The investigation conducted by the news Agency “associated Press” to divert suspicion from the leadership of the United States, Colombia and Juan Guido, describes in detail how former us soldier Jordan Goodro developed a coup plan to overthrow the government of Nicolas Maduro. According to the investigation, led the conspiracy, a retired General cleaver alkali.

Shortly before the surrender into the hands of American justice, he recorded a video in which it admitted that the 26 rifles and other military equipment seized on 24 March in the Colombian Caribbean, belonged to him and was intended for use during the invasion of Venezuela from Colombian territory. Sunday may 3, the self-proclaimed Active coalition of international reserves Venezuela has embarked on an “Operation Gideon”.

Goodro acts as the owner of a private security company Silvercorp USA, with headquarters in Florida, where is also home to H. H. Rendon. Chop is able to conduct “operations” in more than 50 countries and claims on its website that worked for the President of the United States.

Although journalists and asked Hudro about his possible relations with General Alkalai and the plan to overthrow Maduro, a former military man replied: “chop Silvercorp does not disclose its sources, assets, and advisers, in view of the profile of our work.”

The investigation by the “associated Press” entitled “Ex-green beret, led the failed attempt to overthrow Maduro”. It tells the story of how and why the plan is supposedly carried out under the leadership of General Alcalá, ended up behind bars in the United States on charges of drug trafficking, has failed. Before that, he told many interesting things about Guido and H. H. Rendon in the video, which posted on his Twitter account. After months of investigation, the journalists came to the conclusion that the financing of these operations was the Columbia.

In the released communiqué from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Colombia indicated that “we are talking about the baseless accusation in order to discredit the Government of Colombia, to involve him in the speculative trap.” According to the foreign Ministry claims “the dictatorial regime of Nicolas Maduro”, attributing Colombia “certain actions aimed at destabilizing” represent another attempt “to distract attention from the real problems faced by the people of Venezuela”.

The associated Press turned to Rendon, he said that it is possible to work with Guido will be strictly confidential, without signing any contracts.

The statements made in the video Gudra on military equipment thrown to Venezuela from the South, East and West direction, clearly indicate a desperate attempt of the American special services to provoke political chaos and at the same time, shortly before the presidential election to distract attention from the pandemic, which continues to claim thousands of lives of American citizens.

Recorded Goodro video is, of course, a play, a psychological multi-purpose operation: it tries to imagine such a Rambo, which compensates for the absence of the leader of the opposition and thereby raise her morale; to try to intimidate citizens and to discredit the figure of Guido (which they themselves created) as ignorant and corrupt type.

Noteworthy that a number of members of subversive and terrorist acts are constantly turning to God, asking Him to direct their actions in the spirit of the Protestants, the Calvinists and Anglicans. Religious phrase uttered in the video, a former National guard soldier Robert Colin (known as the Panther, it was part of a group under the command of Alcalá, killed in La guairá).

According to the security agencies of Venezuela, still one cannot rule out attempts of mercenaries to infiltrate Venezuela across a broad section of the border passing through Western the state of Zulia. Militiamen are actively fighting in the border area with racketeering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, murder. On the Colombian side there are training camps Riohacha and Maicao.

The radical opposition is looking for any excuse. And now, the followers of Juan Guido (who believes in and constantly finances only the US administration) issued a communiqué claiming that “the military and civilians who participated in the failed landing attempt from the sea, was allegedly extrajudicially executed by the dictatorship, and their bodies were used to create a false-positive result.”

Meanwhile, the US government and Colombia appeared in a rather unfavorable light after the failed military attacks. Mercenaries used the Colombian territory and the infrastructure of American equipment and consulting support provided to them by Agency recruiters posing as the US administration.

Versi Alvaro Rangel — Venezuelan sociologist, Deputy Director of the Observatory of Communication and Democracy Latin American Analytical Center (CLAE,