TOP products that will help get rid of edema: the advice of a nutritionist

To look good, it is important to deal with them is to be active, to follow the diet and care for your skin and body. For those who are often bugged swelling it is important to pay attention to your diet.

Because edema is an excess accumulation of fluid in organs, tissue extracellular spaces of the body. The website “Home” with reference to the nutritionist, was named the TOP foods that will allow you to withdraw excess fluid.

1. Herbs: parsley, dill, onion

2. Protein foods: lean meat and poultry, dairy products small fat (2-5%), fish and seafood, eggs

3. Foods rich in vitamin C: rose hips (rosehip tea), 1 citrus fruit a day, Apple, bell pepper, cauliflower, cabbage, and in winter small serving of sauerkraut or 1-2 small fresh-salted cucumber

4. Foods rich in vitamin D: sea fish, herring, egg yolk, cod liver oil, of course – fish oil, hard cheese varieties. Remember as 1-2 eggs a day fish 160 grams, cheese 50 grams.

5. Grass. In the complex add natural helpers herbs and berries (pomegranates, cranberries, tea from birch buds, calendula, chamomile)

6. Water. Drinking while eating can be, and sometimes necessary, if you eat something dry. If the body requires water, it is necessary to drink a glass or two. In the day a person needs 40 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight.

7. Salt. Do not give up salt completely. It should be present in small quantities, as low sodium as potassium, entails pushing the body to keep these minerals from any incoming food and not to give them. The detention of sodium – retention of water – edema!