How to make a great space again

President-elect Donald trump often said that Americans have forgotten how to dream and they would do well to re-connect the imagination. Hardly dreams more exciting and profitable than the dream of space. But today, the expansion of the space program Americans or military strategists in the priorities not listed. As shown by the recent CNN special report, planners in space feel alert and focused more on the protection of existing investment, rather than on the development of new projects, ensuring a strategic advantage.

The United States should offer constructive vision, able to meet multiple needs of the American space industry, including the defense — this will be the first step towards the return of the former greatness of our space industry. The administration trump has all the chances to overcome pessimism about space and to refocus America on what she especially excels: assertive, though, and peaceful competition. Interested readers can find a full list of our recommendations while new national policies trump in the space sector needs to declare the following.

USA will be first country extracting minerals from asteroids.
Trillions of dollars received in the form of mineral resources from asteroids could fuel a dynamic economy in space, able to inspire all of humanity. America must lead the process.

The United States will become the first country to extract resources from the moon and will provide services to commercial traffic between Samla and the lunar surface. The moon has enormous resources and incredible logistical advantages for the development of a space economy. The United States will lead the research and to establish partnerships at the state and private level to promote the technology and development of self-sufficient commercial services. The United States also are obliged to be among the first consumers of these services and take a leading role in helping private industry, developing business based on research of the moon.

USA will be the first state to provide services of the fuel storage and refueling in orbit. The ability to refuel in orbit is key to flexible and fully reusable space transportation system. The United States will be first, who will confirm the effectiveness of this technology and offer it as a commercial services to third parties.

The United States will become the first country to launch a private space station. A thriving space economy needs to provide to society broad and affordable access to outer space so that ordinary citizens lived and worked there permanently. Well-versed in the hotel business, the President-elect can estimate the value of the orbital tower with an American brand.
The United States will be the first fleet, consisting entirely of the ships of reusable use.
Main factor guaranteed access for our citizens to outer space is the ability to fly into space on a piloted aircraft. Fully reusable model, is technically feasible, but has not received government support makes it possible for private space flights and larger projects. America will provide a transport system that will fuel even more global ecosystem of innovation.

USA will build the first viable solar energy system. Barely any innovation in the space may, on its transforming power to compare with that which will release the huge potential of space solar power to meet the needs of the Earth in electricity; this could provide us with hundreds of terawatts of renewable energy needed to ensure the highest standard of living on the planet, environmentally and sustainable manner. Logistics system for the creation of such a space complex will require the movement of millions of metric tons satellites to the geostationary orbit and therefore will be much more than any envisaged and focused on the government space program.

USA will build the first comprehensive system of protection of the Earth against dangerous asteroids and comets. Defense capabilities of the planet will initially be small, providing adequate protection against objects with a diameter of 50 and 300 metres and in advance to warn of the danger, and will aim to ensure full protection in case of events of “extinction-level event”. The United States will design, create, and seek to test the technical ability under the current administration, and shortly thereafter aimed at maintaining a global reserve defense.

The US was the first flight to another star. Interstellar space flight will be the culmination in the history of space travel humanity. The American people must be ready first to do it.

Our list of goals looks audacious, perhaps even outrageous, but he fully meets the capabilities and character of those who built the transcontinental railroad, Hoover dam, and won a continent. The Americans are the leaders in each of these areas. The new President we just need to unlock the potential of America — when it happens that American inventors will bring our dreams to reality faster than anyone can imagine.

Major Brent Zarnik, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Garretson, Everett Dolman and Coyote Smith are members of a team Space Horizons, the U.S. air force.