Boeing showed the space station for research of the moon and Mars

The American company Boeing is developing spacecraft to study the moon and Mars, which will be people, the press service of this huge aircraft.

It is reported that one of the stations will be located in lunar orbit, which mill, a kind of transit point to send to Mars second station.

Deep Space Gateway. Photo: boeing

Boeing noted that the first device will launch lunar Deep Space Gateway, which Assembly will start in early 2020-ies. There will be a laboratory and housing for scientists.

To dock with the station will be on the same technology as on the ISS, and the station will be equipped with solar panels.

After the completion of the lunar station, transit through Deep Space, the Gateway to Mars will travel in the Deep Space Transport, which also will be a lab and living quarters. Digging notes that it is planned not only to study the planet from orbit, but the descent of the people on the surface of Mars.